AMAS Technology - building a 4.0 technology empire on the blockchain platform

4.0 technology empire built by AMAS Technology

Amas is a technology company on Blockchain, AI, and Big Data. After nearly two years of officially launching in the international market through the technology chain Ecosystem to bring maximize benefits and increase assets for users around the world on September 8th, 2020.
The purpose is to create convenient technology products for community life in 4.0 Industry, concurrently advance the values of users’ property, who owning asset AMAS TOKEN, this is E-money was built with technology algorithm ERC20.

Amas Technology has 9 products in their Ecosystem of which 5 products finished to bring the veritable values for their community Amaser. The ecosystem Amas include:


The most effective of AMASPAY FX is to feature explicit foreign exchange transactions, the users only need to rate the market up or down and decide to choose the trade amount. Operated since quarter 4, 2019. AMASPAY FX will use AMAS TOKEN in trading from quarter 1, 2021, which helps cash flow quickly and create more scarcity for AMAS TOKEN.

AMASSTORE is a global e-commerce website. The platform helping businesses to most effectively advertise their product, service, and business on the AMAS TOKEN trading platform.
-Extremely simple transactions between businesses and AMAS TOKEN’s owner
-Variety of goods
-Transactions cross countries and worldwide.
-Benefits for businesses: Reduce costs of Operation, marketing, business premises…
-Exchanger: Comprehensive support to easily find many cheap and quality items. Save time, other costs to get items…
-Earn CONSUMER POINTS up to 100% to continue buying
-AMASSTORE is currently present in a lot of countries worldwide, Open up an era of e-commerce payments

3. APP 3.0 WALLET:

App 3.0 Wallet is capable of storing Amas Token and other digital currencies such as Bitcoin, ETH… Saving transaction costs for the community more than other e-wallets on market. AMAS TOKEN‘s owner easily convert to others e-money such as BTC – ETH.

4. GAME:

The ecosystem AMAS GAME was creat with the purpose of solving the limited problems of the Game industry. AMAS TOKEN keeps constraining the risks from converse trading Fiat money and make the transactions easier and faster.


Ensure for the community Amaser easy, safe, lowest fee and growth profits to perform exchanges assets, trading and payment in the world scale.


The Application Reciprocal lending P2P keeps users' information secure, supports the connection between borrowers and lenders. A super app that helps ensure the assets are maintained. With Reciprocal lending of AMAS, you just need a small percent for the monthly payment, you can still keep your assets and profits growth from the price increase of AMAS TOKEN.


Smart Application to base AI technology analyzes the most accurate data about population density, projects, traffic… and market to provide the real estate profits, to assist investors in choose suitable product and investment plans


Amas connect to brand and businesses to provide for community life through using Payment visa card to pay for goods and services within the card’s credit limit.


Digital bank application serving for AMAS’s own community to carry out international money transfers, inside and outside system. Concurrently pay bills, borrow debts, deposit saving as well as financial products

Currently, Amas has been growing on a sound development roadmap based on building a rich ecosystem and comprehensive technology investment in the first step.

Implementation of ideas & market research

• AUGUST 2019
Architectural Design & Whitepaper

Application of the AMASpayFX platform.

• QUARTER 2, 2020
Issue the AMAS token
Application of e-commerce exchange

• QUARTER 4, 2020
Launched the company in the UK.
P2P exchange wallet application 3.0
Game Ecosystem

• QUARTER 2, 2021
Application of reciprocal loans for property 4.0
Amas social network application

• QUARTER 4, 2021
Real Estate Applications 4.0

• QUARTER 1, 2022
Introducing AMAS payment gateway and AMAS debit card, ATM service.

• QUARTER 4, 2022
Issue Blockchain 3.0

• QUARTER 2, 2023
Launching No. 4.0 banking services

According to the above this development progress, CEO of AMAS Technology Mr.Dom said: “ During the end of 2020 and later, AMAS will continue to build and develop comprehensive categories in the Ecosystem. In the first stage, we only issue 1 million AMAS TOKEN out of a total of 31 million AMAS TOKEN to get the cost for implementing and investing in business activities. When the price of AMAS TOKEN increases from 1 USD to 5USD, we will issue more AMAS TOKEN to the market. All information is transparent and clear, users can check on the website:
“In addition, AMAS promises to be the anti-inflation considerable operate, publicity, promotion of exchange, and a rapid increase in trading volume market.”

AMAS Technology Company Headquarters in Sweden:
Järnvägsgatan 9-65225Karlstad, Sweden
AMAS Technology Company United Kingdom Branch :
27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX

Reference link about AMAS Technology:
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2: Amas store Website :
3: Website :
4. Amasternode Website:

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