Amanzzo Disrupts the Industry of Sustainable Fashion with Premium-quality Recycled, yet Fashionable Swimwear

Amanzzo is a brand specializing in luxury and recycled swimwear products. The company was launched by a Liverpool-based singer-songwriter, Kris James.  

Thousands may remember Kris James as the lead voice of the UK’s famous band called The Scheme. After venturing into his solo career, Kris had reached worldwide fame, with single after single reaching enviable positions in the iTunes ranking. 

Kris James has decided to use his popularity to encourage recycling and promote sustainable practices in the fashion industry, and thus Amanzzo was founded. 

Amanzzo is a luxury swimwear brand devoted to creating sustainable products for ocean preservation. According to Chris and his team, Amanzzo’s mission is to develop affordable luxury swim shorts while joining the sustainable fashion movement:

“We love the sea and strive to preserve our planet, so we make sure each part of our business leaves a small footprint. We started by reducing waste in production and using recycled swimwear materials obtained from the recovery of waste collected in the sea, such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, and buoys.” 

Amanzzo offers a host of gorgeously designed swimwear products sourced from polyester fabric. Kris and Amanzzo have partnered with a Portugal-based factory that collects recycled plastic and refines it into a sturdy, flexible material, which has become the main ingredient of all Amanzzo swimwear products. 

The brand offers both smart fit and tailored fit swimwear and matching products for fathers and sons, all of which are made in the EU and are available at highly approachable prices.

Kris imparts that he and his team “don’t believe in fast fashion.” Amanzzo is against mass production for the sake of profit and was founded to promote ethical, sustainable fashion first and foremost. With its Portuguese partners, Amanzzo has succeeded in developing an organically-sourced material that can be used to craft top-tier items while leaving as small a footprint as possible on the environment. 

The second part of Amanzzo’s catalog is comprised of sustainable menswear. These products are made from recycled bottles and nets gathered by Amanzzo’s team. Fashionable, durable, and most importantly, organic-made are the three most important characteristics of Amanzzo’s sustainable briefs, trunks, and boxers. 

According to Amanzzo’s spokesperson, the brand’s ethical mission only begins with sustainable manufacturing:

“Our efforts to change the world of fashion don’t end with manufacturing. We have switched entirely to 100% recycled paper bags, and we want to completely eradicate the use of new plastic at any point during our operations. Also, as we can’t find a sustainable way to deliver internationally at the moment, we only deliver our products in the UK.”

Amanzzo is actively working on bringing new sustainable technologies and creating new product designs for their eco-friendly customers. More information about Amanzzo and the company’s list of products is available on the brand’s official website.

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