AMA Repiping Details Hassle-Free Means of Addressing Polybutylene Plumbing

New public awareness campaign has company representatives correcting common myths and showing how even full-home repiping can be convenient and undisruptive, AMA Repiping reports

As many as six million homes in the United States were built or refitted with problematic polybutylene piping, with many thousands of them still standing in the Atlanta area. Whether in terms of dealing with the resulting leaks or watching home insurance premiums climb, homeowners have some accessible, cost-effective options, though. As AMA Repiping is now making clear through a just-launched public awareness campaign and informative resources published online at, dealing with defective polybutylene plumbing can be convenient and affordable. By taking great care to ensure that everyday life is never disrupted and always respecting homeowners and their homes, AMA Repiping can make it easy and pleasant to replace polybutylene plumbing for good.

"For nearly two decades, builders across the country were practically in love with polybutylene pipes, not realizing the material would soon be revealed as unsuitable for that purpose," AMA Repiping regional Director Gary Andrews said, "In fact, many homeowners in the Atlanta area still suffer all these years later with the problems associated with this kind of plumbing. With leaks popping up on a regular basis and insurance premiums rising, it can come to seem as though polybutylene were some kind of curse. Through our new public awareness campaign, we're hoping to show that there is never a need to keep living with troublesome polybutylene plumbing."

Polybutylene is an inexpensive form of plastic that once seemed like a great match for plumbing, a perception that combined with the associated ease of installation to make it known among some as the "plumbing of the future." Over time, though, cracks in the material's image began to appear, as evidence mounted that exposure to common oxidants like chlorine could drastically undermine its structural soundness, with dramatic failures that racked up large repair tabs sometimes resulting.

While many residential buildings in the Atlanta area originally equipped with polybutylene pipes have since been relieved of this often-troublesome form of plumbing, plenty remain. One common reason for homeowners failing to take action is the belief that arranging for a repipe could be overly disruptive, expensive, or even dangerous.

As the area's leading company of its kind, AMA Repiping consistently proves otherwise. In addition to offering service that is invariably affordable, particularly in light of the known repair- and insurance-related costs associated with polybutylene plumbing, AMA Repiping also distinguishes itself by doing everything possible to ensure that domestic life will never be unnecessarily interfered with.

On the way toward enjoying the benefits associated with a complete repipe atlanta homeowners can therefore expect to retain full, pleasant use of their homes, with water left on throughout the process except for a very brief switch-over at the end. Over the course of its ongoing public awareness campaign, AMA Repiping will be helping more people throughout the area learn about this effective, convenient option for dealing with polybutylene piping and other plumbing issues.

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