Alternative Divorce Solutions Launches New Law Firm

New Orange County Law firm, Alternative Divorce Solutions launches specializing in divorce mediation.

Lani Baron is proud to introduce a new, cutting-edge professional law offices, Alternative Divorce Solutions. This new firm is expressly founded to provide different services for couples seeking Divorce Mediation Newport Beach or to dissolve a domestic partnership. Alternative Divorce Solutions is located at 100 Bayview Circle, Suite 3200 in Newport Beach. They can be reached at 949-200-8412. This new firm is especially relevant and needed since Orange County has the largest incidence of divorce in the nation.

Traditionally, most divorces are messy and littered with high costs reaching tens’ of thousands of dollars and high emotional stress due to arguments over distribution of assets and custody arrangements. Through this entire process, the individuals are left on their own to come up with ways to cope with the stress and plan for financial closure.

Alternative Divorce Solutions offers a breadth of services that are completely designed to guide the couple through the entire process and ensure they get the best possible resolution. To begin, couples are offered a free, no-obligation, session with a licensed professional family law attorney that explains the process. The benefits and results of this mediation process include:

- A process that allows both parties to actively negotiate with the guidance of an attorney who provides legal information and encourages open communication.

- A set fee, one-time fee schedule that allows the couple to control the cost and save up to 80% over the cost of traditional divorce proceedings.

- A divorce resolution that is completely constructed by each party and not subject to the whims of the court.

- A opportunity to reduce the stress with the availability of a team of experts that help each individual make an informed decision and includes forensic accountants, certified divorce financial analysts, life coaches or therapists.

Lani Baron, owner and principal Divorce Mediation Attorney, said, “Our alternative divorce mediation services offer couples a way to avoid all the problems associated with the traditional methods of divorce and save a lot of money at the same time. Divorce has enough problems without the added high costs and stress associated with arguments brought on by the traditional processes. We provide a true solution to these higher costs and added stressers, plus offer a team of experts to encourage well-informed decisions. As is the case with all good negotiations, both parties have a win-win situation.”

Alternative Divorce Solutions is a family law practice dedicated to helping couples peacefully navigate the legal process of divorce. Lani Baron, owner and head mediator, leads a team of lawyers dedicated to providing client resolutions services that maintain emotional dignity and financial stability.

Additional services include mediation review, uncontested dissolution, post order modifications, dissolution of domestic partnerships and prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. The firm is located at 100 Bayview Circle, Suite 3200 in Newport Beach, California. Appointments can be scheduled at 949-200-8412 or their website is

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