Altamonte Springs FL Chiropractor Becomes the Most Hated Person by Fitness Professionals

Altamonte Springs Chiropractor, Dr. Erik Roach reveals why most fitness pros and trainers hate him. Most people do not know the truth about weight loss and that is what he reveals.

Dr. Erik Roach of Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine, is the owner and head chiropractor of the clinic. The clinic is both a chiropractic and medical center that has helped hundreds of patients cure their pains and cope with certain disabilities. When the general public feels body pain or soreness they think about seeking a chiropractor but it is rare that people think of finding a chiropractic doctor for weight loss. Local fitness pros and weight loss clinics have lost clients because of the truth that Dr. Roach reveals.

When people asked the good doctor about what makes his routines different he stated; “Our workout routines are based on what the client can handle, the real magic is educating our patients about diet, nutrition and human metabolic rates”. He proceeded to state that every person has their own unique metabolic rate and maintenance calories, it’s what makes everyone so special.

If people wanted to lose weight then they must burn more calories than they take in. Dr. Roach suggested for people to write down what they eat throughout the week, track their calorie intake and see whether or not they experience weight gain or maintained weight without any exercise. If someone experiences weight gain then they must cut back on what they eat or change the foods that are being consumed. If someone experiences weight maintenance then congratulations that person just found their maintenance calories and can now create a workout routine that is fit for weight loss.

Dr. Roach is known as the Altamonte Springs chiropractor to visit because of the magnitude of plans he offers for both fat loss and pain relief. With hundreds of testimonial pictures hanging in his office he has an extremely strong track record of results and knowledge.

Workout or fitness systems can be very costly and Dr. Roach shares that it’s just a waste of money; people must first be educated on their own personal guidelines to follow and be followed at their own pace. Most so called fitness pros believe that one workout can fit all and that is just completely false, especially if their client has no clue how many calories they should be consuming and burning. Dr. Roach has fitness boot camps every weekend where his patients have experienced 4-7 pounds of pure fat loss a month and his boot camps are free for patients.

Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine is a Chiropractic & Medical Center that focuses on physical rehabilitation, weight loss and customized treatments that eliminates the source of pain. Roach Family Wellness Integrative Medicine is owned and operated by Dr. Erik Roach who is also known to take on patients from the Winter Park Chiropractic area.

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