Alpine Coolers Leads the Way in Self-Regulated Water Filtration

From High-Quality Filtered Water to Whole Beverage System, Alpine Coolers' Dedication to Meeting Standardized Safety Regulations is World Renowned.

BOCA RATON FL, March 31, 2014 -- Founder and CEO of Alpine Coolers, Thomas Radford, talks today about his company's dedication to safety and self-regulation within the water-filtration industry on 21st Century Television.

Alpine Coolers was founded in 1995, and right away, Radford and his team discovered the lack of standardized regulation regarding water filtration. So they did what any responsible organization would do; they set about designing a system of self-regulation. Radford and his team care about the quality of their beverages, and they want the data to prove it. The company has since grown into a major worldwide supplier of whole beverage systems.

According to Radford, the safety and quality of the beverages his company provides are his top priorities. Alpine Coolers achieves these same high standards with every filtration system by following their own set of checks and balances to ensure harmful contaminants and micro-organisms are filtered out. By doing the same process in the same way every time, Radford's company continuously meets his high standards of self-regulation.

Today, Alpine Coolers has expanded to become a whole global beverage supplier of flavored sparkling beverages, coffee and tea, and their own Alpine-certified green cabinetry.

21st Century Television, including Vice President of Programming J.L. Haber, is pleased to bring you the latest in water filtration advancements.

"What Thomas Radford and Alpine Coolers have achieved is outstanding," Haber stated. "They've pioneered the way to self-regulation where no regulation previously existed or was even required. Companies like this that go that extra mile deserve accolades for putting their consumers first."

To learn more about Alpine Coolers please tune in to CNBC (as pd. prog.) on April 2, 2014 at 11:30pm PST.

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