Alphatise Releases Latest Version Of Apple App

The updated social shopping app is available from iTunes, reports

As shopping patterns are shifting from the brick-and-mortar store to online environments, the latest trend in shopping makes use of mobile technology in the form of shopping apps like Alphatise, an app that helps customers find deals and share those deals with friends. Available in the iTunes store, the just-released update of the itunes app includes a category search function that makes it quicker and easier for customers to find the products they want, according to spokesperson Paul Pearson.

"Alphatise has some great features that make it different from a lot of other shopping apps," said Pearson. "With our app, you can create a wish list and name the price you're willing to pay for each item. When vendors want to match your price, you'll get a notification with an offer. We also let you connect with friends and share your wish lists and deals. In other words, when you get a great deal, your friends on Alphatise can take advantage of it as well."

Pearson went on to emphasize that Alphatise shifts the power from the seller to the consumer, since the consumer sets the limit on the price. "However, we do try to help our users make realistic wishes," he said. "We have a feature that rates the likelihood of a wish. If the price the user sets is most likely too low, he or she will get that feedback." While some group-shopping apps involve competition among customers who bid for a product or service, Alphatise customers negotiate directly with the seller.

Alphatise currently has over 180,000 products available in their online store, and they feature top brands such as Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, DKNY, Moet, Bose, Sony, and Apple, to name a few. Customers can browse the top 250 products on the home page, or they can search by product or by store, said Pearson, adding that the store offers are specific to the user's location. When products are shipped, they are tracked and delivered by a courier service, so that customers can know where their packages are and when they will be delivered.

Customers can access Alphatise via computer, tablet, or smartphone, and it is available for iOS and Android operating systems. The app is a free download, and users create an account or connect via Facebook. Customers can expect to be contacted only when they get an offer; Alphatise does not send promotional emails to users, Pearson said. Concluded Pearson, "We are excited about our latest update, and we hope our customers will be able to discover even more great deals!"

About Alphatise

Alphatise is a social shopping app that offers a new take on the relationship between the consumer and the supplier. Alphatise provides consumers a centralised market place (via a user-friendly app) to search seamlessly through suppliers' products and then make an offer of how much they are willing to pay for a given product. The app also provides suppliers a more efficient and cost-effective way to reach their customers.

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