Alphatise Announces They Have Reached One Million Likes on Facebook

They have done so through a combination of organic growth and boosting selected posts, reports

Alphatise proudly announces they have now reached one million likes on Facebook, doing so through a combination of organic growth and boosting selected posts. Whenever a logged in user shares a deal they have received, the social buying platform is then promoted. With hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, Alphatise is the first platform of its kind on this scale.

"Users love the social shopping platform as it allows them to receive offers below the price they bid. Everyone loves to save money and get the most value for their dollar, and the platform makes it easy to do so. Anyone who has yet to do so needs to visit the site today thanks to the deals to be had, and there is something here for everyone," Paul Pearson, spokesperson for Alphatise, declares.

In 2014, Barclaycard found that consumers spend 11 percent more each year online, due in large part to more people shopping on their mobile devices, as Google reports. Individuals often turn to apps to do this shopping. The mobile device allows users to also research various products, compare prices, obtain directions to a retail location and more.

"Alphatise provides an easy way for consumers to obtain the items they want at a price they love. Consumers find they can share offers with their friends, view the wish list of those in their networks and take advantage of deals with ease. All offers are generated based on the user's location to ensure their relevancy, and the site features more than 180,000 items offered through leading retailers and brands," Pearson continues.

Obviously, one concern is that consumers will make ridiculously low offers on items, ones that retailers will never accept. On the opposite end of the spectrum, consumers may struggle to determine how low is too low when it comes to making a bid. Alphatise takes this into account also.

"The site lets a user know how realistic this wish is by indicating the likelihood of the offer being accepted. The site remains completely secure, thus consumers shop with confidence, and all purchases are tracked and delivered through trusted courier services. Check the site out today and see for yourself why so many are now making use of the site to save money on items they want every day," Pearson recommends.

About Alphatise:

Alphatise provides a new take on the relationship between the consumer and the supplier. It offers a centralised market for consumers to search seamlessly through products presented by various suppliers. The user friendly app allows the consumer to make an offer on a given product, depending on how much they are willing to pay for it. This presents a way for consumers to save on items they want and need, while providing suppliers with a more efficient and cost effective way to reach their customers.

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