Alpha Rehab Center Launches New Addiction Treatment Program with a Non-Traditional Approach To Overcoming Addiction

Alpha Rehab Center has launched to provide a new and unique approach to the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, using evidence based practices in all new person-centered ways.

Drug and alcohol addictions are difficult to overcome because the so-called addictive personality is underpinned by physiological as well as personal factors. While physiological factors cannot be controlled or altered, personal factors can be with enough dedication and drive, yet many rehab centers put the focus externally, on God, on Triggers, culture or environment when the only decisions that matter are those of the individual. Alpha Rehab Center is a newly launched treatment center that focuses on treating people who suffer from an alcohol or drug addiction, in a non-traditional way.

Alpha centers its treatment approach around evidenced based practices, namely Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, EMDR, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and many more complementary approaches. This enables people to find a system that works for them and enables them to take active control and responsibility.

The center aims to give people hope and a sense of empowerment, giving them the necessary skills to conquer the disease of addiction by understanding that their own attitudes and approaches to dealing with their physiological precursors are the only cure that can be permanent.

A spokesperson for Alpha Recovery Center explained, “We offer a comprehensive twelve step program that is explicitly person centered, and provides a roadmap to independence and stability that our patients can follow to overcome their addictions themselves. Our skilled and experienced professionals understand the transformative power of self belief and instill this value from the first day to the last. This creates a robust foundation for long term recovery that will also have a massive impact on how people build a productive life to replace their destructive behavior.”

About Alpha Rehab Center: Alpha Rehab is about teaching addicts to become empowered, believing in themselves as being the solution to their problems. These non-traditional methods encourage individuals to focus on their own actions. They support the fact that change will not come from anyone else. Through the help and support of professionals, recovering addicts look within. They are encouraged to find something that motivates them, allowing them to overcome their addiction. This level of motivation is something that needs to be maintained throughout the course of their recovery process.

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