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There is the fact that the normal washing-up sponge has excessive bacteria than a toilet. These bacteria have harmful effects on children, pets, and people’s lives. Trying to search the time to confront cleaning the office or home without missing out on the things people like doing? Fortunately, there is an ultimate solution. Whether people are very busy cleaning or cleaning isn’t your job, hiring a professional cleaning service will solve all the issues. The cleaning company will help people complete home fresh and clean, even the corners. Alo Ve Sinh was founded based on experience, enthusiasm and the effective management of the Board of Directors. The company has a team that includes technicians, staff, engineers having extensive knowledge, practical experience, enthusiasm and dynamic. The company brings comprehensive services such as hygiene and industrial hygiene, carpet cleaning, cleaning the sofa, cleaning automobiles, cleaning mattresses, washing curtains, office, villa, etc. The company’s professional staff always advises consumers to select the suitable product for their living space, needs and preferences. Alo Ve Sinh always develops class and satisfies the highly demanding customers.

Alo Ve Sinh was born with a vision to become a pioneering company in industrial hygiene in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby provinces. Alo Ve Sinh keeps following the trend of advanced cleaning technology, well-trained staff, and the cost is reducing at a level appropriate for several customers. Alo Ve Sinh’s staff and employees always do research and learn to bring consumers the best service to become the best-in-class cleaning service provider.

Alo Ve Sinh is well-known for providing quality cleaning services. The company keeps testing its services on various criteria, such as outstanding cleaning technology 6S. The company ensures that the cleaning solution is completely safe for humans, particularly pregnant women and children. They make sure that the appointment time and the deployment should be uniform to overcome appointment failure. They always cherish the crucial time of customers. Costs must meet the customers clearly and transparently. Staff is always honest in addressing customers’ condition and the extent to which they can get better after washing. The company keeps training their staff to work professionally and always stay polite to customers. The most crucial thing is the customer satisfaction feedback about Alo Ve Sinh. It is the parameter of service quality and the service experience that Alo Ve Sinh brings. Alo Ve Sinh commits a warranty for consumers within 24 hours of customer contact. There is no limit to the number of re-washes for the consumer; the company will work until the customer is completely satisfied.

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About the Company: Alo Ve Sinh is the top company in industrial hygiene, which provides full-fledged cleaning services such as the sofa, washing buffer, washing carpet, washing curtains, washing teddy and so on.

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