Alo doctor Talks About The Causes Of Enteritis

Alo doctor shares information about enteritis and how it is caused. is a Vietnamese website that shares information regarding Vietnamese medicinal plants. Not only this, but one can also read about tips on how to maintain health and stay healthy. A representative from the website talks about enteritis and its causes. Enteritis is an inflammatory bowel disease that occurs behind the stomach in the intestinal tract. This disease is caused both by viruses and bacteria. Enteritis is a part of gastrointestinal disease that is caused by a virus and food poisoning. An employee from the company then shares information on the symptoms that one might feel when they have Enteritis. Nausea, fever, anorexia, pain in the abdominal, mucus in the stool, severe to acute diarrhea, and much more are some of the symptoms that a person who is suffering from Enteritis might feel.

He then talks about the causes of enteritis. One of the main causes of this disease is the intestinal infection. One can have an intestinal infection when they consume food whose toxicity level is high. Another cause of this disease is when a person drinks or eat food that is contaminated with bacteria, these bacteria go inside the body of the person and cause inflammatory bowel disease. Food poisoning can be caused due to several reasons like poor food management, unhygienic way of eating meat and chicken. As mentioned earlier, enteritis can also be caused by bacterial or viral infections.

The representative from the company first talks about the bacteria that causes enteritis. Salmonella is a common bacterium that causes fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Symptoms can be visible only after 12 to 72 hours after infection. Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is also a type of bacteria that causes food poisoning. Campylobacter jejuni (C.jejuni) and Shigella are also other types of bacteria that cause inflammatory bowel disease. There is some virus that also causes food poisoning. One of the most known viruses is Escherichia coli, which is also known as E. coli. This virus can cause mild stomach aches and fever to the most serious symptoms like kidney failure or blood clots.

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About the Company: is a Vietnamese website that shares information regarding the Vietnamese medicinal plants. And not only that, but they also share information on how one can maintain good health. In today’s day and age, the internet is the first option for people when they want to know about something. If someone wants to know about a particular disease, they can just type it and 10 to 15 websites will appear in front of them. However, most of these websites share false information. Alodoctor has a team of highly qualified professionals who only shares information that is tried and tested. So, one doesn’t need to worry about the false information on the website of Alodoctor. Their main aim is to share the true information with the people.

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