Allergists Warn General Public About Bad Allergy Season

Specialists discuss the allergy season and suggest possible remedies

The popular allergy forecast website recently released an article predicting that this spring Ohio residents will likely experience the worst allergy season in recent years. Some experts are predicting a pollen vortex and many believe that this can be attributed to the fact that Ohio experienced a long and cold winter. With the warm weather fast approaching, all of the trees and flowers will be blooming at once and producing a burst of various pollen at the same time.

According to an allergist at the Loyola University Memorial University in Chicago, since the pollen season begun later in the year, it will most likely be shorter. “The allergy season has been to a slow start this year, but now we are seeing a high pollen count from trees.” said Dr. Joseph Leija. “They are pollinating together. This will make for a heavy season but since the pollination has started quite late, it will be shorter.”

In order to combat this upcoming allergy season, one of the top rated Central Ohio allergists at Premier Allergy are suggesting several methods and treatments to help keep bothersome allergies under control. This includes avoiding increased exposure to irritants and taking over-the-counter medications. However, their most effective treatment for allergies is allergen immunotherapy. It is able to treat sufferers of several allergic diseases including hay fever, insect stings, and allergy-triggered asthma. A successful allergen immunotherapy treatment will result in significantly decreased symptoms and allow patients to avoid any additional medications.

Allergen immunotherapy or allergy shots will help create a tolerance within the body to the allergens that cause reactions. The process involves receiving injected doses of different allergens and then allowing the body’s immune system to develop a more appropriate response to allergen exposure. The injections are initially given weekly and are eventually administered every two to four weeks. For maximum effect, the immunization therapy should be continued for several years.

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