Allegiance Water Services, LLC Announces Ten Percent Off the First Service

New customers present the coupon during the consultation to receive ten percent off their first plumbing service or water treatment equipment installation, reports

Allegiance Water Services, LLC announces clients receive ten percent off the first plumbing service or water treatment equipment installation. Customers need to simply print the coupon and present it during the consultation to obtain this discount. Whether one is in need of a plumbing repair or water softener installation, Allegiance Plumbing Services can be of help.

"When one thinks of catastrophic water damage, they tend to think of floods. In actuality, billions of dollars are spent every year to rectify water damage resulting from problems within a home's plumbing system. Frozen pipes, leaky tubs and defective water heaters are just a few of the many problems one may encounter in their home that can lead to this type of damage. Allegiance Water Services assists clients with a multitude of plumbing issues, ranging from appliance repairs to the installation of new devices," Justin Waters, spokesperson for the plumbing company, states.

Clogged pipes often plague homeowners. The pipe may become obstructed when a child uses an excessive amount of toilet paper or hair may obstruct a shower drain. The causes of blocked pipes are numerous, yet individuals may find the problem extends beyond the pipe. When an obstructed toilet is flushed, water may overflow and damage the floor and surrounding drywall.

"This is only one example of a problem one may encounter in the home. Water pumps go bad, washers on a faucet fail and garbage disposals become clogged. Homeowners may tackle some of these problems, yet others required the assistance of a professional. When this is the case, Allegiance is ready to help," Waters continues.

The quality of water in one's home is another concern of many. Humans need water to survive, yet many home plumbing systems produce cloudy water or water than continues chemicals. Individuals are often shocked to learn that the water supply contains traces of prescription medications flushed away by individuals. Anyone concerned about problems such as this may wish to look into a water filtration system.

"One cannot be too careful when it comes to what they take into their body. Although the human system is designed to remove many toxins, the body can only filter so much at one time. Experts recommend individuals drink a minimum of 64 ounces of water every day, if not more. Imagine how many chemicals and toxins may be present in that water. For this reason, consider investing in a carbon filtration system to remove these contaminants. When Allegiance comes out to install the system, don't hesitate to ask about common plumbing problems to be aware of. The technicians happily answer all questions and provide advice, as clients deserve nothing less," Waters declares.

About Allegiance Water Services, LLC:

Allegiance Water Services, LLC takes pride in being a company clients can rely on when it comes to essential plumbing services and the best water treatment technology at affordable prices. The company believes in being honest with all clients and brings the expertise and quality individuals need to ensure water in their home or business is clean, tasty and readily available.

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