All You Need To Know About TRX Suspension Training

Suspension training has become popular over the years. Acrobats preferred using it because of its ability to challenge multiple muscle groups at the same time to improve performance. These days suspension training classes can be found in most health and fitness clubs. In order to train one needs the right equipment and the popular equipment used is the TRX brand developed in the 90s by Randy Hetrix. This is now available online at

When people think of suspension training they think of resistance bands but TRX? is not just about bands but it is a device that can work basically with anything that is stable like a door or a wall. There are straps to secure hands and feet. These are shaped in such a way that they do not slip or snap as the weight of the body is shifted during various movements. TRX uses the body's weight to create the resistance needed to train various muscle groups.

Although this type of exercise has been used for over a decade, there is little research to be found on the internet about the training method or about the different types of equipment that might be in use. The TRX brand however is becoming widely synonymous with suspension training and there are fitness videos that one can find online about the different methods of training.

The benefits of Suspension training with TRX include:

• Enhanced stability

• Improvement of balance

• Flexibility

• Improved co-ordination

• Kinesthetic awareness during training

• Increased endurance

These can be obtained using a combination of free weights and other training modalities but with suspension training you get all of these in one. The best thing about it is that you can take your equipment with you to use wherever you go.

There is a feature that is unique to suspension training: most kinetic chain exercise can be modified to closed chain movements. For instance, during a typical chest press, the machine arms move away and towards the body which means the pectoral muscles preform most of the work without requiring much work to be done by the shoulders or the muscles around the spine. With a suspension push up, the hands remain stationary and the body moves away from and towards the fixed straps. There is more demanded from the elbow, shoulder and the trunk to manage the movement of the body. This is essentially what suspension training is good at: making adjacent muscle groups work as a single unit. The second feature that makes suspension training different is the core stability and the balance that is demanded with each movement. It might take a few movements to engage multiple muscle groups thus cutting exercise time by a significant fraction.

TRX Suspension training might seem like a novel idea, this makes finding quality TRX equipment challenging. Thankfully there is, which stocks everything you need to get started. Not only will you find the right equipment but you will also get resources about training methods and applying TRX training methods to traditional forms like yoga, Pilates or ramping up your performance to train like an MMA fighter. The prices of the kits are competitive and shipping is absolutely free.

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