All Paint by Numbers Launches Christmas Themed Painting Kit

All Paint by Numbers, a DIY painting kit supplier for adults, recently launched its set of Christmas themed painting sets. The accompanying announcements along with recent initiatives aim towards gaining worldwide presence.

All Paint by Numbers, a worldwide supplier of pre-designed DIY painting kits, recently launched a new Christmas themed product line. With Christmas just a month away, this new category is hoped to bring a boost in sales numbers while adding to the celebratory mood of people.

Having a worldwide presence with high demands in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc., the company aims to further expand its reach in some other nations with such category launches from time to time. Before this, it had also introduced another line of products with landscape and love as themes respectively, which raised the demand considerably.

Its Paint by Numbers kits have been a hot favorite among adults willing to learn painting. This Christmas themed launch accompanied a few announcements related to future launches and accessory inclusion. The CEO, Thomas Merton, expressed an interest in introducing specialized DIY kits for children along with an optional wooden board and frame available for all the sets starting from 1stDecember 2018.

He said, “Our Company has been satisfactorily meeting the imaginations of adults and old people alike. Now, it’s time we involve kids in our grand purpose to become the top supplier of Paint by Numbers’ kits.”

Additionally, it is in talks with renowned artists to offer people a chance to try their hands at ideas, suggested by them. The motto is to give users deeper insight into the world of colors while reflecting their own creations. It also aims to enrich them with the effects of art therapy.

Towards the end of this event, Thomas Merton added, “Operating in the world of art can never get fulfilling unless you add a piece of your soul to it. The featured collection would thus bring a fulfilling string of connections with our customers.”It aptly summed up the company’s long-held stand of uniting people with art.

Furthermore, it also plans to bring in a whole new set of accessories that people can buy on its official website. The list covers thumbnails, frames of different shapes and sizes, along with paintbrushes for varied strokes.

The company is also in plans to host a number of painting tips on its website to help budding artists brush up their skills. These tips would be in addition to the painting ideas for its Paint by Numbers kits. Besides, it also aims to strengthen the tracking system of deliverable items by getting into partnership with USPS.

The constant initiative of this painting kit supplier towards improvement, along with the recent launches is supposed to take it a notch above the existing recognition it holds.

About the company
All Paint by Numbers is a globally recognized DIY painting kits supplier. It has a strong presence in many Asian and European countries from where they fetch their supplies. The company, which initially started as a painting kit supplier for adults, has now expanded its customer base to people of all age group. Through the years, it has gained recognition as one of the best DIY painting set suppliers with its innovative ideas and satisfactory customer service. It has, thus, been a success in spreading wellness and happiness.

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