All Hurricane Sandy Home & Flood Insurance Claims Re-Evaluated

ACI Adjustment Group is providing Free Property Inspections to help homeowners recover money they are entitled to.

Millions of homeowners suffered property damage to their homes due to Hurricane Sandy on October 29, 2012. It is no secret that billions of dollars in insurance claim settlements were not paid to homeowners along the Jersey Shore, throughout the rest of the state, and into Pennsylvania.

What is a secret is that state-licensed professionals exist who can assist homeowners like these in recovering the thousands, tens of thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars that were rightfully owed to homeowners, but not paid by the insurance companies.

ACI Adjustment Group is a team of state-licensed Public Adjusters who wants Hurricane Sandy victims to know that it is not too late to recover much more than they were paid, if they were paid at all. Whether a homeowner has already opened a claim with their insurance company or not, ACI Adjustment Group can help.

ACI Adjustment Group’s licensed Public Adjusters qualify whether damage is covered and worth claiming, measure the scope of the damaged property, estimate the replacement cost of restoring the property to pre-loss condition, and negotiate on behalf of the homeowner for the maximum settlement according to the insurance policy.

ACI Adjustment Group is ranked #1 in Customer Service in Pennsylvania and New Jersey by the United Public Adjusters Association(UPA). It is a part of the ACI Family of Businesses that was recognized by Inc. 500 in 2008 and 2009 and the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business’s Philadelphia 100 in 2009.

ACI Adjustment Group is a team of experts in residential and commercial property claim adjustment. Single homes, townhomes, condominiums, apartment buildings, retail shopping centers and malls, large Grade A office complexes, high-rise office buildings and government structures. Whether the property was damaged by wind, rain, hail, wind-blown debris, flood, or any other peril related to the storm, ACI Adjustment Group can handle the claim from start to finish and negotiate for maximum compensation.

As everyone may have read in the local newspaper or seen on the local TV news station, hundreds of thousands of homeowners have been left without adequate relief for their property losses. To ACI Adjustment Group’s President, Peter Guzzi, the stories seem endless. “Every day we hear another story from another customer who wasn’t treated fairly by their insurance company. It breaks my heart.”

A home owned by Mr. Guzzi’s mother in Ortley Beach, New Jersey is unfortunately one of those stories. The structural engineer, who was sent from her insurance company, suggested the house should be “glued back together.” Needless to say, the insurance company’s offer was nowhere near adequate and Mrs. Guzzi has been without a home ever since the hurricane.

What most of these homeowners don’t know is that stories like these can have a happy ending. Most homeowners don’t realize that there are professionals who are licensed by the state to fight on behalf of homeowners to ensure they get a fair settlement for their claim. These heroes are called Public Adjusters, and chances are people know someone who has used one to get a fair settlement.

A study done by The Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) and reported on by the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters(FAPIA) shows that out of 14997 catastrophic claims homeowners who used a Public Adjuster received an average $17,1879,379, compared to $2029 for homeowners who did not use a Public Adjuster; and out of 61324 non-catastrophic claims homeowners who used a Public Adjuster received an average of 9379, compared to $1391 for homeowners who did not use a Public Adjuster.

Many homeowners have not been educated on the power of using professional experts to fight their insurance claim for them, and as a result they don't get the settlements they pay their premium for and deserve. "Putting a claim in with the insurance company without a Public Adjuster is like asking the IRS to do your taxes!" says Mr. Guzzi. "The homeowners of New Jersey need trained professional advocates to stand up for their rights and make sure they are getting their fair shake!"

ACI Adjustment Group's Public Adjusters perform Free Property Inspections for any homeowner who thinks they might have damage as a result of Hurricane Sandy or any other storm. If ACI Adjustment Group is not able to help, there is no cost to the homeowner, and should the homeowner choose to use ACI Adjustment Group to handle their claim, there is never any.

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