All Channel Films to Harvest V.O.D. Revenues for Hannover House

Los Angeles, CA / March 13, 2014 / Hannover House, Inc. (OTC: HHSE), a leading independent distributor of films, books and entertainment products, has entered into a twelve picture agreement for video-on-demand (VOD) sales with Los Angeles-based All Channel Films, Inc. The sales representation agreement covers all USA transactional and "non-subscription" VOD, with I-Tunes, VUDU and VODwiz as excluded accounts from the transaction. Key customers that will be represented by All Channel under the venture include HULU, Vubiquity, TVN, In-Demand and Amazon.

"We have enjoyed a long and beneficial relationship with Seth Kittay and All Channel Films over the years," said Fred Shefte, President of Hannover House. "The broad customer reach that they can provide will dramatically increase the VOD revenues for each of the Hannover House titles under the agreement, as has been evidenced by recent results with our titles," he concluded.

All Channel Films has represented video-on-demand placements for a handful of earlier, Hannover House releases, but until now, there was no formal agreement and long-term output venture in place. VOD revenues generated through All Channel films of the Hannover House title, "Turtle: The Incredible Journey" have already exceeded $120,000, said Shefte, which is why he feels that key titles could enjoy comparable revenues under this agreement.

The initial twelve titles covered under the agreement include:

Sci-Fi / Horror Titles: Amityville Asylum, Buried Alive, Frankenstein 2014, The Honeymoon, Possession Within (aka "Ingloda"), Spring Break Murders (aka "To.Get.Her"), Valley of the Witch and Zombie Warz (aka "Falls the Shadow); Dramas: Blues for Willadean, Reach, Sunshine and Wide Blue Yonder.

The video-on-demand release date windows will mirror the Hannover House DVD and Blu-Ray schedule. The initial releases for immediate placement will be Amityville Asylum, Blues for Willadean and Zombie Warz, since all three films are already available on DVD. Titles coming next are: Spring Break Murders, Possession Within, Sunshine and Frankenstein 2014. The newly acquired feature, Wide Blue Yonder, starring Brian Cox and Lauren Bacall, will enjoy a limited theatrical release prior to home video and VOD scheduling.

Although the agreement between Hannover House and All Channel Films does not involve a specific revenue guarantee, based upon recently generated results, Hannover House management is forecasting the value of VOD revenues to be achieved by these initial twelve titles to be worth between $400,000 and $700,000 to the company.

All Channel Films is a well-known and respected distributor and sales agency for independent feature films and video products. Established over 25-years ago by pay-cable executive Seth Kittay, All Channel Films has an impressive track record for successful placement of independently product films onto all forms of television and cable, as well as through video-on-demand outlets. The company is based in Los Angeles. Other independent studios with products that have been represented by All Channel Films, both at present as well as in the recent past include: Phase 4, Ignite, Birch Tree, Screen Media, Arclight, Park, Xenon, Moonstone, Artist View, Barnholtz, Lonely Seal, Panorama, Serendipity, 6 Sales, Monarch, Vista St, CCI, Motor, RAI, Prime, Cinema Epoch, New Video, Vanguard, Monarex and MTI.

ABOUT HANNOVER HOUSE - Founded in 1993 as a book publisher, Hannover House added DVD products in 2003 and has grown the business into a well-recognized brand in the independent film marketplace. The company releases about 24 new DVD titles each year, with occasional theatrical releases (based on product stature), and ongoing releases in the Audio CD format and Book Publishing platforms. Hannover House believes that the company is ideally suited for rapid growth during 2014 and 2015. Newly announced activities to develop major motion pictures with a variety of pre-sale and non-recourse financing structures will provide Hannover House with high profile theatrical releases that could significantly increase revenues, profits and corporate stature. Additionally, a consumer roll-out launch of the video-on-demand venture, “” (and an IPTV VODwiz channel) could generate parallel revenue paths with a business plan combining elements of the Netflix streaming structure with the Redbox discount pricing model. While developing these new revenue streams, Hannover House will continue to operate its core business of monthly DVD and VOD releases, with additional release activity occurring with book publishing and theatrical activities throughout the year.

Key retail accounts for Hannover House include Walmart Stores, Inc., Redbox, Netflix, Barnes & Noble and thousands of independent video retailers, schools, libraries and booksellers. The company also sells entertainment products to a wide range of internet sites, and services most major video-on-demand portals. Hannover House stock is traded on the OTC Markets under ticker symbol: HHSE.

This press release may contain certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Sections 27A & 21E of the amended Securities and Exchange Acts of 1933-34, which are intended to be covered by the safe harbors created thereby. Although the company believes that the assumptions underlying the forward-looking statements contained herein are reasonable, there can be no assurance that these statements included in this press release will prove accurate.

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