All About Press On Nails

These artificial nails are constructed of acrylic resin, which is comparable to acrylic nails performed in salons. However, is less permanent, easier to apply, reusable, and better for your natural nails.

You’ve probably heard of press-on nails before, and maybe even tried them! Most people, on the other hand, identify press-on nails with the cheap, tacky ones you used to buy at the drugstore when you were in middle school. Thankfully, in 2021, press-on nails are nothing like the ones you remember from your childhood.
These artificial nails are constructed of acrylic resin, which is comparable to acrylic nails performed in salons. However, is less permanent, easier to apply, reusable, and better for your natural nails. They can look just as nice as acrylics without the salon price tag when made and applied correctly.
Purchasing from a respected brand that lives and breathes press on nails is the key to finding high-quality press on nails. Sunkissed Nails is one of those respected brands and they are committed to producing long-lasting, high-quality press ons that appeal to a wide range of styles. Not only do they designs on their site but you can also some up with a custom design.

Longevity of Press on Nails

Many people are concerned about the duration of an application. Despite the fact that press-on nails are inexpensive, you don’t want to be embarrassed if one of your nails slips off in public. The healthier your nails are, the longer your set will last. A complete set can last up to three – four weeks, depending on how quickly your natural nails grow, the tasks you perform while wearing the nails, and how you prep your nails.

Advantages of Press on Nails

Press-on nails have a number of advantages over acrylic nails, which is one of the reasons they’re growing more popular.
They are extremely cost-effective. Depending on the manufacturer, the price of a drug store set can cost as low as $9. Because there is no drying time, it simply takes a few minutes to prepare your natural nails and apply the artificial nails once you’ve learned the skill. Press-ons are less harmful to your nail beds and are easier to remove than acrylics. The combination of low cost and diversity allows you to flaunt several manicure styles in a short amount of time, from matte to shimmer to ombre to chrome nails. Lastly, they can be used again and again extending the value of your purchase.

Sizing for Your Press on Nails

You’re ready to buy your first set of custom press-on nails, but you’re not sure what size to get?! It’s critical to get the sizing for your press on nails just right if you want your nails to look as natural as possible. There are many ways to size and measure your natural nails to acquire the perfect fit for your press on nails are described below. The best option would be buying a sample size kit that way you can try on the nails to determine your exact sizing. As a sizing tip, always go up a size rather than down a size if your measurement doesn’t exactly match one of the nails in the sample kit. It’s preferable to have a larger nail so you can file it down, rather than a smaller nail so your natural nail sticks out.

Press on Nails are Not Damaging to Your Real Nails

Perhaps your previous experiences with artificial nails have made you weary of all varieties. However, wearing press on nails will not harm your natural nails.
The good news is that with press on nails, you don’t have to sacrifice your natural nails in order to flaunt a gorgeous set of fake ones! We understand your skepticism, especially if you’ve been coping with the devastating effects of acrylics for years. Since Sunkissed Nails require adhesive or a small amount of nail glue, they are considerably gentler on your natural nails. Press on nails will not harm your natural nails if they are applied and removed properly.

Company History

Sunkissed Nails was created by Terra McGee in the midst of the 2020 pandemic when going to the nail salon was not possible. Before starting the business, she had been doing her own, friends and family’s nails for over 15 years. Terra comes from a family of entrepreneurs. Her husband owns McGee Company Jewelry, the best place to buy diamond jewelry; her brother-in-law owns Credit Cadabra, a credit repair company; and her brother owns a seafood restaurant and a smoke shop in her home town of Augusta, GA.

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