Ali Sahabi Receives Lifetime Achievement Award From BIA Chapter

A leader in the construction industry has been recognized for his ability to improve the quality of life of communities through the development of groundbreaking projects.

Al Sahabi has been granted the Lifetime Achievement Award for 2019. The award was presented by the Building Industry Association of Southern California’s Baldy View Chapter. Al Sahabi is the COO - CFO of Optimim Seismic. and has worked on the construction of over 1,500 projects including 300 seismic retrofit projects throughout California.

Ali Sahabi was born to Abbas and Leila Sahabi. They taught him the importance of hardwork and the significance of making the world a better place by having compassion for others. Sahabi immigrated the United States at just 13 after his mother’s passing.

Sahabi build a story of American success and begain working in construction. By 1988, he had risen to the position of Executive Vice President of Vahadani Construction. Shortly after this he became the president of SE Corporation, a land-planning, entitlement and development firm.

During this time at SE Corporation, he transofrmed an abandoned 550 acre silica mine into a mixed-use community. Today, the thriving community is known as Dos Lagos. Sahabi has built up a reputation for being able to develop farsighted projects that many thought were unachievable. It is this expertise that earned him the California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award for Sustainable Communities as well as numerous other accolades on a state and national level.

Sahabi has many avid followers including Pete Aguilar. Aguilar firmly believes that Sahabi’s ambitions and achievements have helped to improve the quality of life for anyone who lives or completes business within the state of California.

Past presdient of BIA Baldy View Chapter Phil Burum States:

“This Lifetime Achievement award reflects Ali Sahabi’s record of creating good jobs, quality housing and being a leader in the sustainable development movement. Throughout his career Ali has shown how a developer can create great value where little existed before.”

Many firmly believe that Sahabi’s work has had a lasting impact and he has provided inspiration to architects, builders and government leaders. Sahabi has also been involved in a push for greener, cleaner technology as well as renewable energy. Thanks to Sahabi, this movement is still growing through the state today.

About Optimum Seismic Inc.

Optimum Seismic Inc, is Southern California’s leading retrofit company for earthquake retrofit engineering and construction. They specialize in multifamily and commercial buildings and have been operating in the industry since 1984.

The team at Optimum Seismi has completed more than 3,000 retrofits on a variety of different buildings through California. This includes structure infrastructure such as highway bridges.

More information about Optimum Seismic. can be found on their website. Alternatively, the company can be contacted directly using the information below.

Ali Sahabi
Optmum Seismic Inc.,
2417 East 57th St, Vernon, CA, 90058

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