Ali Rangwala of Selected For Unique Personal Branding Campaign’s Founder, Ali Rangwala, launched a new personal branding campaign on June 16 2015 on Facebook. Rangwala is using a technique known as “visual authority branding” based on the science of Hollywood movie posters design.

Ali Rangwala of is using the power of social media in a personal branding campaign that is attracting a lot of attention. He deployed a technique known as Visual Authority Branding to help position himself as a leader in the weight loss field.

Due to many recent successes, Rangwala was selected to take part in this unique campaign based on the science of movie poster design psychology.

“This campaign launch is an exciting opportunity to have my message heard by a wider audience. I’ve worked long and hard at creating my comprehensive weight loss program, which I offer completely free of charge because I’m passionate about helping people live better and happier. But in order to achieve the admittedly ambitious goal of eliminating obesity, I need to ensure my program is well known.”

The concept of Visual Authority Branding is based on Hollywood movie poster designs, and the psychology behind them. Entrepreneurs can leverage the same concepts in a social media branding campaign.

There is a growing importance for entrepreneurs and professionals to be viewed as an authority, or even a celebrity, in their industry.

The visual authority branding concept helps with that problem by using certain cues designed to persuade viewers to see the subject in the images as a celebrity.

Rangwala stated, “There is some complex psychology used to persuade you to see a movie. Their goal is for the movie poster to become synonymous with the movie. There are common elements featured on every well designed movie poster. I’m using the same ones to boost my business’s brand and image. I’m honored to help pioneer this new segment of the personal branding world.”

Ali Rangwala has long held that the weight loss industry often hinders rather than helps those trying to lose weight. Not wanting to enter such unscrupulous terrain, he provides detailed weight loss instruction for free to everyone, taking a highly comprehensive approach to ensure the success of anyone and everyone who uses his program.

Rangwala’s branding campaign can be seen on Facebook at, and his free weight loss program can be accessed at

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