Alglas UK Collects More Approvals for Industry-Leading Aviation Cleaning Products

35 influential aerospace industry groups now specifically approve or recommend Alglas avionics cleaning supplies and other products, bolstering already impressive total further, Alglas UK reports

Alglas UK, a top producer of aviation cleaning supplies, announced that 35 major aerospace industry firms and organizations now specifically approve or recommend Alglas products. This total makes Alglas one of the most often-approved companies in the industry, with the company's lineup receiving positive attention from such highly regarded and important names as Airbus, Boeing, British Airways, and the Royal Air Force. Alglas produces a range of Avionics Cleaning Products, cockpit and cabin glass cleaners, and similar supplies that are widely relied upon in commercial and private use.

"Closing in on the end of our third decade of operation," Alglas UK representative Alan O'Nions stated, "it is rewarding to see the list of organizations that recognize the quality of our products still expanding. With 35 prominent firms now endorsing Alglas products, it is clear that we are still very much on track with our mission of creating the best aviation cleaning products anywhere."

Given the particular demands and high stakes inherent to aviation of all sorts, cleaning products used in that endeavor must perform to high standards and do so without fail. The avionics instruments that allow pilots of many planes to fly even under conditions of low visibility, for example, must be kept entirely free of vision-obstructing dust, fingerprints, and other build-up at all times. Cleaning products used for the task must accomplish this, however, while also not contributing to static build-up or other potential sources of damage to these delicate and critical instruments.

Since the company's founding, Alglas has tackled these challenges head-on, producing aerospace cleaning solutions that have long been regarded as among the best available. Alglas Avionics Cleaning Wipes, for example, are delivered in two-stage packages that allow for the convenient, safe, and effective cleaning of aviation instruments. The first wipe clears away accumulations of dust, dirt, and grease, while the second, dry wipe ensures that no cleaning solution remains behind and fights static build-up. Together, the two wipes cut down on the accumulation of static electricity by between 50 and 90%, making instruments far less prone to attracting dust thereafter.

In acquiring so many approvals and endorsements from important and influential aerospace industry organizations, Alglas has become one of the clear leaders in the space. Mentioned and endorsed specifically in the maintenance manuals of some of the largest commercial aircraft in service, like those produced by Boeing and Airbus, Alglas is an important partner for many industrial customers. At the same time, Alglas is also a widely respected name among private pilots and those who fly smaller aircraft, as detailed at on the company's website.

About Alglas UK:
Alglas UK produces industry-leading aerospace cleaning products for avionics instruments, cockpit and cabin glass, and other mission-critical surfaces. The company's products are among the most frequently approved and recommended of all, and are regularly relied upon by the world's most demanding users.

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