Alfa Chemistry Materials Upgrades Magnetic Materials for Researchers and Manufacturers

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Alfa Chemistry Materials announced to have upgraded its supply of magnetic materials.

Magnetic materials are of technological importance because they are key components of motors, generators, and transformers. Alfa Chemistry Materials, known as a provider of wide ranges of materials and chemicals, announced to have upgraded its supply of magnetic materials. Now, magnetic ionic liquids, magnetic metal complexes, and organic radicals can be easily accessed at this company.

Magnetic materials are extensively studied and used mainly for their magnetic properties. Their magnetic responses are largely determined by the magnetic dipole moment associated with the intrinsic angular momentum, or spin, of its electrons.

“In recent years, magnetic materials have been found to play a a major role in numerous fields, for example, power generation and transmission, electronic appliances, analogue and digital data storage as well as medical appliances like magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), magnetic therapy and drug delivery, sensors and actuators, scientific instruments, and many more,” says the Marketing Chief from Alfa Chemistry Materials. “According to the degree of difficulty of magnetization, magnetic materials are generally divided into soft magnetic materials, gyromagnetic materials, and permanent magnet materials.”

Types of magnetic materials

Magnetic Ionic Liquids
Magnetic ionic liquids are functionalized ionic liquids with magnetic property. They are usually liquid state at room temperature. Having advantages like easy separation and reutilization, magnetic ionic liquids are widely used in the field of chemical, pharmaceutical and environmental protection. Pure organic magnetic ionic liquid and metallic magnetic ionic liquid are commonly seen types. As to their applications, they can be catalyst in polymerization, Friedel-Crafts reaction and aryl Grignard cross-coupling reaction. Besides, magnetic ionic liquids can also react with carbon nanotubes to obtain magnetic carbon nanotubes, which can be applied in bio-nano engineering, biomedical and magnetic instruments.

Magnetic Metal Complexes
Magnetic metal complexes are a kind of magnetic compounds formed by combining paramagnetic ions and diamagnetic ligands by means of spontaneous assembly and controlled assembly. Magnetic metal complexes have a broad application prospect in energy storage areas.

Organic Radicals
An organic radical is a compound featuring an unpaired electron that can be stabilized by steric hindrance effects and maintained unaltered and stable also in ambient conditions. Organic radicals and especially molecules with many nonbonding electrons have attracted much attention as molecular magnets and conducting materials.

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About Alfa Chemistry Materials
As a newly established functional material provider, Alfa Chemistry Materials is trusted by and have served many universities, research institutes and other organizations. Its major product offerings are: alternative energy, micro-nano electric materials, nanomaterials, organic and printed electronics, photonic and optical materials, and polymer science. The in-stock products listed on the website can be shipped out within 3-5 business days upon receipt of customers' purchase order.

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