Alexa Rostovsky on Real-Life Lessons Learned in the School of Orchestra

A student at the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles and co-principal flautist in the Upper School Symphony, Alexa Rostovsky recently offered an inside view of the orchestra world.

Those gathered in a hall to experience the live performance of an orchestra rarely spare a thought for the effort and sacrifice that go into achieving the harmony, synergy, and perfection of this sound machine. However, the people who deliver the experience are all too familiar with the challenges and demands imposed on musicians who operate as part of a group. A student at the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles and co-principal flautist in the Upper School Symphony, Alexa Rostovsky recently offered an inside view of the orchestra world, describing the hardships associated with building a reputation in this prestigious field but also highlighting the extremely valuable lessons it can teach young people as they prepare for life in the real world.

Playing with an orchestra requires finesse, dedication, devotion, and discipline, which makes it a naturally competitive field where only the determined survive and only the best thrive.” In terms of its demands on musicians, an orchestra experience is an undeniably real-world one and definitely has its benefits”, according to Alexa Rostovsky. “For one thing, joining an orchestra is an excellent way of learning how to become part of a whole, the proverbial small cog in a large machine.” Musical training often focuses on making artistic decisions and adding one’s style and lead as a soloist, but an orchestra member has to embrace the opposite mentality, striving to blend into the whole and put the common goal before personal ambition. To appreciate and support the delicate ecology of this group requires a self-effacement that runs contrary to the prevailing 21st-century mentality, demanding a selflessness and discipline that define a character well-groomed for corporate and team dynamics.

“Delivering results under pressure and exercising discipline are other essential real-life skills that can be acquired in an orchestra environment,” Alexa Rostovsky explained. “Each performance entails overcoming anxiety and doubt to achieve the best possible outcome, which, in turn, demands self-management and emotional equilibrium. As for discipline, it often seems to be relegated to the wayside in today’s culture of entrepreneurial freedom and excess, but it remains the foundation of long-term success.” The dogged devotion necessary to excel at the orchestra level paves the way for accomplishment in other endeavors, be it obtaining a degree in law or medicine or launching a company. The daily practice, additional study, after-hours work, weekend sacrifices, and relentless discipline required for musical excellence serve as practice for any ambitious venture.

Despite applying to business and hospitality management programs, Alexa Rostovsky does not plan to abandon her musical ambitions. “There is an attitude amongst most musicians, like myself, a striving to better themselves and rise in the ranks, and it comes with motivation and lots of practice. That is an energy I don’t want to give up being around,” she said. “The orchestra world is changing as more females come to the foreground, and I want to be a part of that. I look up to Marin Alsop, the conductor of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and it is so inspiring to see a woman like her rise up in a predominantly male environment.”

An exemplary student and dedicated volunteer, Alexa Rostovksy donates much of her time to community service and social initiatives supporting various worthy causes. Recognized by her school with the Humanitas Award, she is involved in numerous projects at different non-profit organizations, including The Grossman Burn Foundation, AHEAD WITH HORSES, and a remote reading program for children with learning disabilities. In her spare time, Alexa Rostovksy indulges her passion for the flute, culinary art, dance, and horseback riding.

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