Alexa Rostovsky Discusses the Importance of Immersive Experience in Career Choice

A student at the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, California, Alexa Rostovsky recently encouraged her peers to find work within their field of interest and acquire hands-on experience before pursuing further education.

The career debate has long focused on the juxtaposition of a degree and work experience, with arguments supporting one or the other in terms of their advantages in securing employment. However, few seem to consider the importance of their interplay when it comes to helping high school students determine their future course. Alexa Rostovsky, a student at the Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles, California, recently addressed this issue with her peers, encouraging them to find work within their field of interest and acquire hands-on experience before pursuing further education. To illustrate her point, she spoke openly about her own exploration in an area of particular appeal to her – the culinary art.

The rise of channels and culinary focused Instagram pages such as The Food Network has led to a surge in culinary school applications, but educators, chefs, and restaurateurs point out that TV shows have helped create and perpetuate unrealistic expectations. While Alexa Rostovsky acknowledged that the likes of Alex Guarnaschelli and Bobby Flay have redefined standards and motivated many an aspiring cook, she also noted that, in reality, the pace can be intense, the demands grueling, the hours long, and the pay minimal. According to, line cook salaries in New York, one of the culinary capitals of the world, average $28,771 a year, which barely covers rent. Dirt Candy’s Amanda Cohen says that, generally, cooks can expect a raise of $1 annually, meaning one can hope to earn $20-$25 an hour 10 years into their career. Such a figure could be woefully inadequate for someone with a massive student debt. “This is a career where it takes a long time and hard toil with very little money to establish oneself. It is a big decision for me, and I want to experience that first before I make it a life choice,” Alexa Rostovsky said, adding that she aims to encourage a movement of “try before you buy” among fellow students.

By using resources like and, the young woman is demonstrating how her peers can explore their financial future before committing to an expensive education. With the help of websites like LinkedIn, she is encouraging fellow students to contact people within their chosen fields of interest and request honest feedback. “I have learned so much from actually speaking with individuals who were doing what I thought I wanted to do. I know it feels strange, but I have found people to be generous with their time and happy to talk to me about what their path has been like. Remember, they were once us,” Alexa Rostovsky said, explaining further how communication and hands-on experience have shaped her plans. “We have so many resources at our fingertips right now and so much opportunity. I want to encourage others to use them and make the right decisions.”

An exemplary student and dedicated volunteer, Alexa Rostovksy donates much of her time to community service and social initiatives supporting various worthy causes. Recognized by her school with the Humanitas Award, she is involved in numerous projects at different non-profit organizations, including The Grossman Burn Foundation, AHEAD WITH HORSES, and a remote reading program for children with learning disabilities. In her spare time, Alexa Rostovksy indulges her passion for the flute, culinary art, dance, and horseback riding.

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