Alex Stein of Conspiracy Castle Highlights the Conspiracy Behind Wearing Masks at a Peaceful Protest

Creator of thought-provoking show, Conspiracy Castle, publishes a video of a “peaceful protest” at Trader Joes” following the discrimination against his friend

Alex Stein is seemingly not relenting on his efforts to unravel facts that remain hidden to tons of people across the globe. In a recent video posted tagged “Peaceful Protest at Trader Joes” on the Conspiracy Castle 2.0 YouTube channel, Alex was seen addressing shoppers and reiterating the fact that wearing a mask is not a preventive measure against the dreadful COVID-19.

The supposed COVID-19 pandemic has obviously ravaged the world and the end seems not to be in sight with countries apparently battling with the second wave of the virus. Governments of countries worldwide have come up with different measures to curb the spread of the virus based on the recommendations of health experts. One of such preventive measures is wearing face masks, with restrictions put in place to ensure that people have their masks on in public places. However, the wearing of face masks has been met with strong criticisms, with President Donald Trump and his Brazilian counterpart being some of the notable names that have brushed aside the idea of wearing face masks. Alex Stein seems to agree and he recently made this known by taking his advocacy a notch higher following his visit to Trader Joes, preaching to shoppers and workers against the wearing of masks to avoid catching COVID-19.

Alex is known for his controversial stance on several issues, with his new multimedia show Conspiracy Castle exploring lies that have been deliberately doctored for the consumption of the public to keep people under control and ensure their unhappiness. Alex’s action became particularly necessary according to him, following the establishment’s inhumane treatment of people with a medical exemption. Trader Joes allegedly does not follow ADA, forcing such people to wear masks, with Alex’s friend, David Weiss, being a victim of such a treatment.

“Peaceful Protest at Trader Joes” has continued to gain traction with comments from viewers in the United States and other parts of the world.

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Conspiracy Castle is a multimedia show created by Alex Stein to explore the fundamental lies that the social engineers of the world to gain control and keep people unhappy. Alex graduated from Louisiana State University and has followed his interest in the occult to reveal hidden facts to the world.

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