Aleta Pippin of Pippin Contemporary Continues Her Path Of Exploration

Pippin’s August Show Titled, “The Exploration Continues,” will feature the Gallery Owner’s Newest Works.

Abstract Expressionist Aleta Pippin, contributing artist and owner of Pippin Contemporary, will be showing her newest works at her upcoming show, “The Exploration Continues.” The show will run from August 15 to September 3, with the opening reception from 5-7PM on Friday, August 16. When Pippin decided to pursue art full-time, she followed it completely and has never looked back. Her body of work is representative of her personal life journey, always with a spiritual bent. Because one’s journey is full of discovery, her work is a result of continual exploration – seeking and finding new ways of expression through texture and color.

Pippin believes true art comes from within, with the desire to express oneself; and in her case, color is central to her individual expression. Pippin embodies two traditionally separate mindsets: the entrepreneurial and the artistic, having the charisma and savvy of a businessowner combined with the creativity of a successful abstract painter. This merging of talent has led her to a new gallery location on the world-renown Canyon Road, Santa Fe, ( home to the third largest art market in the U.S. As life so often does, it has brought Pippin to a place of introspection – time will tell how this journey is demonstrated in art form, but one thing is for sure: Pippin will certainly make a statement.

“My statement is beauty, which can come in the form of joy, health, relationships, etc.,” says Pippin. As an abstract artist, she gives the viewer the freedom to find their own truth and to see beauty in their own way when looking at one of her creations. Unlike a landscape or a still life, Pippin’s abstracts are beautifully liberating, offering the viewer a creative window into resonant and deep beauty – the kind that blossoms under a figurative lens. Pippin enjoys success as an artist, having sold over 500 abstract paintings since 2005. It’s not so much the selling that excites the artist; rather, it’s knowing that the customer is investing in the artist’s journey, it’s knowing that the customer saw something he or she wants to bring home and live with indefinitely.

Contact Info:
Name: Aleta Pippin
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Organization: Pippin Contemporary
Address: 200 Canyon Road Santa Fe, NM 87501
Phone: (505) 795-7476

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