Alberta Home Loans Inc. Launch New Online Tool Calculating Mortgage Affordability

Alberta Home Loans Inc. has created a new online mortgage affordability calculator which enables any Canadian citizen to see what kind of mortgage they can afford, with no obligation.

Online tools are opening up the way people interact with common problems and challenges, by creating specific solutions that require the minimum of calculations from the user. Financial tools are increasingly helping people understand their personal finances, with calculations using data drawn from online databases to ensure the most up to date rates on things like loans, insurance policies, and more. Alberta Home Loans Inc. has just created a brand new mortgage calculator, to help people see what they can afford on their income and plan accordingly.

The new online calculator ( is a simple and intuitive online tool that allows people to define every term, including their own income and that of a co-applicant. It also asks for the deposit amount, the mortgage interest rate that would be acceptable, and the repayment rate in years.

Where the calculator becomes unique however is that it creates multiple projections based on 5%, 10%, 15% and 20% mortgages, as well as asking for the individual’s monthly expenses to see how the mortgage can fit into their existing life, or even save them money compared to their rental payments.

Taken together, the site enables people to get an accurate projection of their monthly repayments according to hard data, based on the current market trends and best offers.

A spokesperson for Alberta Home Loans Inc. explained, “We are thrilled to be able to help people discover what an affordable mortgage can look like in 2016, and what’s more, tailor that projection to their specific circumstances. This is something we specialize in, and something our calculator can create within minutes for individuals who are first looking at the possibility of getting a mortgage. If the results come as a pleasant surprise, users can then contact us for a free initial consultation, with no obligation advice and recommendations.”

About Alberta Home Loans Inc.: Alberta Home Loans Inc. is an Alberta Mortgage Brokerage Firm. Their president Michael R. Roach has been helping Albertans with their mortgage financing since 1981. Gloria P. Roach has been a Mortgage Associate since 1998 after spending 30 Years in numerous management positions with the Federal Government. Together, they save clients both time and effort searching for the best Mortgage Rates and products, by finding the best solution tailored to their specific requirements.

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