AK Express Announced to Start Shipping Via Malaysia

AK Express has started its shipping services from and to Malaysia recently. The company is explaining the procedure and benefits of hiring them to ship internationally.

AK Express, one of the famous and most-used shipping services providers in Vietnam, has announced to start shipping services to and from Malaysia. The company took this decision after observing the rising demand for trade between Malaysia and Vietnam currently. The company has also stamped the news by adding "Shipping Services from Vietnam to Malaysia" under the service section of their online platform.

There is no denying that in recent years Malaysia has emerged as a tremendous economic development country, which attracts many immigrants being a significant part of the Vietnamese population. The company claims itself to be a popular place to send goods from Vietnam to Malaysia with safety and at a limited cost with professional work criteria. The company's professionals work with the motto "Take Home - Hand-delivered" and make Shipping via Malaysia, much more straightforward, fast, and reliable, which further brings peace of mind and complete satisfaction to the end-user. The representative claims to provide international shipping within 24-hours.

According to the representative, the customer can rely on them when it comes to safety and swiftness. The customers sending the goods to Taiwan can expect the delivery within 24 hours. The company will share complete and accurate information about the birth of the product, along with a high return policy and maximum & best confidentiality. All these features have made shipping to Malaysia quite hassle-free and straightforward. The company is operational 24x7 with a highly professional consulting service, which means it accepts orders round the clock, with the limited paperwork.

AK Express also works as an American Shipping service, which means the customers can quickly ship their goods to the USA. However, unlike Taiwan and Malaysia, products are delivered in the USA within 48 hours. The customers only need to prepare, ship and receive the shipment. The company will perform the rest of the process, such as packing according to the standards, accomplish the legal procedures, including paperwork, export customs clearance, place a booking via airlines or train, custom clearance, and lastly deliver to the recipient.
The company representatives say that with every successful delivery and customer's trust, they are motivated to improve their shipping quality further. Moreover, they provide full control to the shipment schedule along with a specific and transparent policy, in case any problem arises.

For more information about the shipping services, visit vanchuyenquocte.com.vn.

About the company:
AK Express is a logistics company based out in Ho Chi Minh City. The company has been providing international shipping services for over a decade. It owns a team of professionals working 24/7 to provide quick and reliable shipping services to the US, Malaysia, and Taiwan. AK Express has made international shipping easy and hassle-free in a cost-effective manner.

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