AJ Agrawal Publishes New Article on Forbes, Offering Marketing Advice To Seasonal Businesses

AJ Agrawal is a marketing expert who is sharing advice to seasonal businesses on what they can do once the holidays have ended to keep making money from their products.

Seasonal businesses include any business that has a clear peak selling time and a clear ‘off-season’ time, where sales will be lower. As the holidays approach, many businesses focused on holiday items will anticipate a peak in sales. Once this is over, however, they may find themselves suffering under a lack of direction. AJ Agrawal is a writer and marketing aficionado who has spent a great deal of time and energy researching how seasonal businesses can operate most effectively. He has now shared three of the most important approaches on the Forbes website in a brand new article.

For businesses to reap the maximum benefit from their off-season, Agrawal says, there are several key attitudes and approaches to be adopted that can close the gap. Using examples from sports teams to vape pens, he describes how specific strategies can keep customers engaged, and even increase off-season sales to help close the gap.

The article is one of many Agrawal has written on behalf of Forbes, and includes three golden rules for seasonal businesses. Taken together, this practical, actionable advice can help improve business performance not just off season, but during peak times as well. The tips include content marketing, review harvesting and infrastructural improvements.

A spokesperson for AJ Agrawal explained, “AJ has done amazing work on behalf of businesses, cutting through the noise and getting to the real specifics that require relatively low investment for high payoff. These 80-20 inspired strategies are all designed to help businesses grow, but different businesses grow in different ways, and doing so means taking unique approaches. By focusing on seasonal businesses at this time, AJ is already helping them to keep one eye on the future, during a time where many such businesses will have their noses firmly to the grindstone. This advice should prove invaluable to any seasonal business, especially those looking for off-season strategies.”

About AJ Agrawal: AJ Agrawal is a writer, traveler and marketing enthusiast. He is a regular contributor to Forbes magazine and covers topics related to marketing for businesses of all scales. He specializes in discovering and sharing the art of using smart, simple shortcuts that lead to growth, helping businesses optimize effectively.

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