Airsoft Core Publishes Guide for Airsoft Hobby and Airsoft Sport Lovers

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Airsoft Core is owned and run by Timothy Hackett, a lifelong lover of all things related to airsoft guns. The infographic and accompanying article on the firing range of Airsoft guns is worth checking out on the website.

According to announcements released by Airsoft Core and Timothy Hackett, the website has published an exhaustive guide to know the max range of the different types of pellets and being aware of the effective range can help those with an Airsoft hobby become better at the game.

6mm is the standard size for BB pellets. The pellets are available in weights that include 0.20 gm, 0.25 gm, and 0.28 gm. An upgraded spring sniper rifle can propel the 6 mm pellets up to 275 feet. Airsoft Core reckons that heavier BB pellets have a better effective range and travel straighter because they have the mass to resist forces that can send lighter pellets off their trajectory Airsoft Core recommends biodegradable plastic 6 mm BB pellets as they are safer, these do not penetrate the skin and are environment friendly.

The easy-to-understand infographic accompanying the guide helps new and experienced Airsoft players appreciate the firing range of the different types of Airsoft guns, automatic electric guns (AEG), Airsoft sniper rifles, and Airsoft pistols.

Airsoft Core covers that a properly trained player can consistently squeeze the trigger without any jerky movements. The player can also quickly set the sights on the targets before shooting. The experts at this website recommend TM, KWA, KSC, and VFC airsoft pistols.

The detailed guide on how far an Airsoft gun can shoot has helpful information on Airsoft sniper rifles. The knowledge shared on the high FPS of these rifles, the influence of quality parts, and the length of the barrel is worth appreciating because it can help one get better at the game and derive more enjoyment from it.

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Airsoft sniper rifles have a range similar to those of AEGs. For Airsoft lovers, this is a useful point to keep in mind when selecting their favorite gun at the Airsoft games site. While regular sniper rifles can hit a human-sized target at around 200 feet, those with upgraded internals can have an effective range of up to 250 feet.

Timothy Hackett of Airsoft Core said, “I’ve been in the airsoft sport for well over 25 years. I started with just a spring M9 pistol at this place called Frank n Sons, a hobbies and collectables meet, mostly looking for something cool to play with.

Fast forward six years, and I’ve already had hundreds of airsoft games under my belt (with several AEG’s). I was hired as a marketing coordinator at one of the biggest airsoft retailers in Southern California, where I learned the ins and outs of all the brands and politics behind the building of these airsoft guns. Airsoft Core is a reliable place to get good, honest airsoft info. I banded with other airsoft enthusiasts to write great content on the hobby.

We’ve got decades of experience with various airsoft guns and tactical gear that we’d love to share. Whether you’re interested in playing a weekend warrior or trying to get the best gear you can, I want to help you ensure your hard-earned dollars aren’t wasted on junk products.”

About the Company:

Airsoft Core is run by Timothy Hackett, who is passionate about the game. Over 25 years of playing and working in the industry have given Hackett encyclopedic knowledge about how guns, pellets, and other equipment work. He shares it on the website.

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Name: Timothy Hackett
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Organization: Airsoft Core
Address: 1765 S 4th St #3 Alhambra, CA 91803
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Name: Timothy Hackett
Email: Send Email
Organization: Airsoft Core
Address: 1765 S 4th St #3 Alhambra, CA 91803