AirSmiths Urges Sacramento Homeowners to Get Duct Cleaning For ACs Done Now

A leading heating and air company in Sacramento, AirSmiths, tells homeowners right now is the time to get duct cleaning for air conditioners. This can prevent allergies from flaring and other health problems.

AirSmiths, one of the top AC repair Sacramento companies, feels it is imperative to get the word out that duct cleaning before the hot weather can help ensure those with allergies don't suffer. As allergens build up in the dust and dirt contained in the duct system, pollens can come pouring out of the ducts when the AC is turned on and can spark uncomfortable allergic reactions.

The owner of AirSmiths, Michael Smith, says, "Many parents attribute the coughing and sneezing of their children to the flu, when it is simply allergens and dust coming from a dirty and contaminated duct system. They find that once the ventilation ducts are cleaned out, the symptoms disappear and the indoor air quality is much better." Mr. Smith understands these things as he has been dealing with homeowners' AC units for twelve years.

The CDC (Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention) states that when the air quality indoors is polluted, residents will find their eyes, noses and throats are irritated. Poor indoor air quality can also lead to more serious health situations such as chronic lung or heart problems. According to American News Report, air conditioning has been found to be responsible for a rise in allergies, particularly those affecting children. Animal dander, dust mites and plain old dust can settle in the air conditioning vents, spreading through the home once the unit is turned on in the summer.

Particularly urgent to care for are homes that have had recent construction. Deposits of sawdust, drywall and other particles clog up the duct system and can create allergic reactions in those living there. The situation becomes worse in the summer when the air conditioner is turned on and the collected dust and dirt comes out into the home. However, when homeowners take action before using their cooling systems for the first time, all the health dangers from poor air quality can be prevented.

Calling for Sacramento air conditioning repair does not mean the AC is broken. Repair is just one aspect of air conditioning services. AirSmiths, for example, does AC repair, but also maintenance services, home performance testing and energy audits. All their services are designed to help residents around the Sacramento area live healthier and happier lives. Getting duct ventilation systems cleaned out and contaminants eliminated is just one more vital service AirSmiths performs.

About Airsmiths
Airsmiths in Sacramento is a family-owned and operated heating and air company, committed to providing fast and efficient services to residents and business owners throughout the Central Valley, including Folsom and Roseville. Michael Smith, the owner, is a certified HVAC contractor and works with numerous Sacramento agencies to help reduce energy usage throughout the state. He is a board member of the California Building Contractors Association.

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