AirSmiths Explains to Sacramento the Dangers of Poor Indoor Air Quality

A Sacramento HVAC company, AirSmiths, feels homeowners should know the dangers of having poor indoor air quality. They can prevent health problems by addressing air quality in their home.

AirSmiths is a leading heating and air company in the Central Valley of California. They have extensive experience in advising homeowners on how to keep the air quality in their home in the best shape possible. Since poor air quality is a known factor in numerous maladies, the facts warrant study and application.

The quality of the air circulating in homes and businesses is estimated to be up to ten times worse than the quality of the air outdoors. Mike Smith, the owner of AirSmiths Heating and Air says, "Boosting indoor air quality is vital to keep occupants safe and healthy. There are a number of actions people can take to breathe easier. They can avoid the chemicals in air fresheners which put irritating chemicals in the air, they can avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and those fumes and they can ensure their AC filters are changed regularly. All these things can make a big difference."

A well maintained air conditioning unit will filter the air and keep contaminants out. Poor air quality in the home can lead to respiratory troubles, allergies and even chronic heart problems. AirSmiths says one of the first steps to take it is to call for air conditioner repair Sacramento to get an inspection done of the AC system. Ensuring filters are in excellent order, ducts systems are cleaned and ventilation is sufficient goes a long way to improve the quality of the air in any home environment.

Indoor air quality has been studied extensively across the world. One assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering at a leading university has taken on research to find and hopefully resolve the potential health consequences of indoor pollutants. Since people spend about 95 percent of their time inside, indoor pollutants have a large impact on the heath of the occupants. The researchers aim to find how particles travel within a home or office space, thus gathering information to provide important insights into improving ventilation and even materials used in homes.

Ductwork is vital to maintain as these hidden spaces can breed bacteria which gets pumped into and circulates through the home on a daily basis. A HVAC company has the technology to get deep within the ducts and clean them thoroughly. Homeowners and their families who have suffered from allergies can notice a difference once clean air is moving through the structure once again. Services such as home performance testing, energy audits and other maintenance actions will also be offered by a professional air conditioning repair service.

About AirSmiths:
AirSmiths is a popular and dependable heating and air company servicing the Central Valley in California. They are based in Sacramento and are family-owned. AirSmiths is committed to providing superior services to the Sacramento area and beyond. Michael Smith, the owner of AirSmiths, is a board member of the California Building Contractors Association.

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