AirSign Aerial Advertising Launches New Eco Blimp Advertising Division For Greener Signage and Greater Flexibility

AirSign Aerial Advertising is launching a new blimp advertising division called Eco Blimps, using thermal air instead of helium, and has published a new editorial as to the advantages for consumers.

Man has looked to the sky for signs since the dawn of civilization. These days, most visible signs appear in the form of advertising, on billboards, websites or phones, and all are competing with one another for attention. AirSign Aerial Advertising believes in doing things differently, and can lift a brand message high above the competition to stand alone, drawing attention as no other. The company has just launched a new Eco Blimp division ( , using thermal air instead of helium to help brands take to the skies.

The advantages of thermal air over helium have been explored in a new editorial on their website. These effective and eye catching blimps provide a cost effective solution at half the price of a helium balloon thanks to the abundance of air and the relative scarcity of helium. They have more flying power, stay in the air longer, produce no ozone effects and can accommodate campaigns of any length.

The new eco blimps page ( explains in detail how they work, and how they can work for clients, providing an eye-catching and ubiquitous mascot with unparalleled visibility. The blimps can even be fitted into trailers for easy storage and transport between venues, making them ideal for the conference circuit.

A spokesperson for AirSign Aerial Advertising explained, “We are thrilled to be able to launch our new division of Eco Blimps. We believe this new medium for aerial advertising provides a huge number of potential opportunities for brands to increase their awareness in a surprisingly versatile array of situations. The Eco Blimp is not just kinder on the environment, but is all around a more flexible tool for achieving client aims for their branding goals. We have gone into detail on our website, and we are happy to speak to any and all potential clients about how this new system can help them get awareness above their competition. We look forward to rolling out our eco blimps nationwide.”

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