Launches Revolutionary Treatment for Numerous Medical Conditions

Justin Standring combines Airnergy with TFT to produce unprecedented positive results.

According to the Health and Safety Executive, more than 1 million adults currently suffer from COPD in Great Britain alone; furthermore, the American Lung Association reports an estimated 13 million individuals suffering from the condition in the United States. While some respond well to traditional oxygen, steroid supplements and inhaled albuterol treatments for improved breathing, many see little improvement in their condition. These conventional treatments also offer no help for the extreme fatigue, headaches and other symptoms accompanying the disease.

In an effort to provide more complete relief for this and other ailments, TFT Practitioner Justin Standring of has launched his revolutionary system of Airnergy oxygen therapy combined with TFT. Stated Standring, "Developed by Dr. Roger Callahan, Thought Field Therapy helps to naturally balance the body's energy. This provides natural healing without the use of chemical medications. Airnergy is basically an improved take on traditional oxygen therapy. When combined, these systems provide unprecedented mitigation of numerous conditions."

Research indicates those with COPD typically suffer from low oxygen levels due to the associated breathing obstructions. Conventional oxygen therapy COPD inundates the body with high levels of oxygen. The body absorbs some of this supplemental oxygen, helping to balance out what it lacks naturally. Through the Airnergy device, the oxygen is combined with moisture to create a more natural form of breathable oxygen. This helps the body absorb oxygen more readily and more naturally. This eliminates the risk of numerous health risks caused by traditional oxygen supplements, the least of which are dizziness and severe headaches.

Thought Field Therapy uses a highly structured tapping sequence to draw on the body's natural healing abilities. The system helps to eliminate a number of negative issues such as trauma, fear and stress. It has proven effective in the treatment of depression and has helped countless patients with weight loss and smoking cessation. The system is particularly helpful in COPD treatment by relieving the anxiety brought about by anticipation of COPD exacerbation, which worsens breathing difficulties.

Concluded Standring, "TFT in its own right is rapidly gaining validity worldwide, and I have discovered the Airnergy device can enhance the effectiveness of Thought Field Therapy. To my knowledge, I am the only practitioner to offer a combination of the two techniques to create effective treatment for those who have seen few results with other methods. I can deliver the Airnergy device to patients' homes both in the UK and abroad, and the TFT sessions are conducted via phone or Skype. Patients may feel free to contact me with an explanation of their condition, so I can determine if I can help them."

Specializing in conditions such as COPD and other breathing impairments, trauma, myalgic encephalomyelitis, depression, sleep apnea and an array of other ailments, practitioner Justin Standring developed to help those suffering from such maladies. Through his innovative combination of oxygen therapy and TFT treatment, he helps provide natural relief without the use of medications.

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