Airmax Parapente Announces Spring and Summer Paragliding Tandem Flights with Breathtaking Rides Over Lake Annecy for Visitors of All Ages

The paragliding season is underway at Airmax Parapente and it's the ideal time for visitors to experience the thrill of a lifetime, paragliding in tandem with an expert pilot, over the crystal blue waters of Lake Annecy in the magnificent French Alps.

Talloires/Montmin, France

Airmax Parapente invites visitors to experience the magic of flying with a paragliding tandem flight over scenic Lake Annecy in the magnificent French Alps. Known as the jewel of the Alps of Savoie, Lake Annecy is one of the most famous spots in the world for paragliding and the perfect location for anyone to experience the wonder and exhilaration of flight.

At Airmax Parapente the paragliding season is underway and it's the ideal time for visitors from ages 5 to 80 to experience the thrill of a lifetime. Visitors will paraglide in tandem with an expert instructor in a comfortable seated position, soaring over the crystal blue waters of Lake Annecy and the majestic mountain pass of the Col de la Forclaz.

The personable and confident pilots at Airmax Parapente are passionate about sharing the magic of paragliding. Their team of pilots consists of 4 distinguished, experienced and certified instructors, some with over 20 years of experience. Their goal is to ensure that customers have the best experience possible in a safe, caring and fun environment.

One of their top pilots recently said that paragliding is unlike the feeling of parachuting or jumping off a cliff. Instead, paragliders will experience the feeling of gently lifting off a slope, rising into the sky and soaring quietly like a bird. Paragliding is a gentle and safe activity, fun for any age.

Paragliding flights with Airmax instructors can range from mild to wild. One of their most popular flights, according to customer reviews is the Thermal Flight, providing paragliders with 30 minutes of pure bliss. During this exhilarating flight, the pilot will fly to the most advantageous spot for thermal lifts, where riders will enjoy the thrill of spiraling in the lift, gently gaining altitude and then softly gliding over scenic Lake Annecy. For those interested, the pilot will offer riders the chance to experience sharper turns and to take control of the handles themselves.

The Discovery Flight is an ideal adventure for first-time fliers and those that may suffer from motion sickness. During the calm, 15-minute flight, visitors of all ages will enjoy the sensation of gently gliding through the air with a certified instructor while admiring the beauty of Lake Annecy and the surrounding countryside.

The Prestige Flight promises to be a flight of pure excitement, thanks to thermal lifts, which propel paragliders up and around to the highest mountain summits. This ride is ideal for a first flight and for those wanting to experience a longer time in the sky. Riders will enjoy 45 minutes of flying time and many have reported seeing wild mountain goats during their adventures.

Daredevils will enjoy the adrenaline rush of the Sensation Flight. The 12-minute aerobatic flight includes tricks like 360 turns, spiral dives, and flying upside down. Thrill seekers will relish the feeling of G forces similar to a roller coaster, while flying over the stunning scenery of Lake Annecy, accompanied by an experienced instructor.

Even children can enjoy the beauty and wonder of flying with the Tandem Childs Flight. During this fun and relaxing flight, children will experience the sensation of soaring gently through the air with an expert pilot, while enjoying the beauty of the region and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Airmax Parapente is proud to offer gift vouchers for any of their paragliding flights. They believe that the best gift anyone can receive is an unforgettable experience that won't stay in a drawer. This original and awe-inspiring gift will be remembered and appreciated forever. The lucky recipient will receive their unique gift by mail in the form of an attractive glossy card in a beautiful gift envelope. Airmax Parapente offers a secure online payment system allowing customers to safely and easily order vouchers from their website.

The new season is in full swing at Airmax Parapente and they encourage visitors to contact them to book their exciting paragliding adventure today. To learn more visit their website at


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