Air Conditioner Lab Publishes New Review of Best Portable AC Units For Spring Summer 2016

Air Conditioner Lab has created a new guide to the best available portable air conditioning units for spring and summer 2016, to help people stay cool and energy efficient.

Spring has sprung and summer is coming, and with it rising temperatures every day. Many individuals are concerned about staying cool in the summer, but are equally worried about the cost of keeping a large scale venue, full building or home fully air conditioned when most of the time is spent in one or two rooms. Many people are looking to portable AC units as a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of keeping cool in summer. Air Conditioner Lab has just published a new guide to the best portable air conditioners available in 2016.

The new article starts with a generalized guide to portable air conditioners, explaining how they are used, why they have advantages over conventional installed systems, and how users can assess whether a product has the right capacity for the room they are looking to cool.

The article then shortlists five of the best products ( on the market today, taken from their extensive collection of hundreds of reviewed items, brought up to date in time for peak season. The article summarizes the findings of the reviews for each of the top rated products, including the advantages and disadvantages, unique selling points, cost and more.

A spokesperson for Air Conditioner Lab explained, “We are pleased to be able to help people find the very best portable air conditioners available on the market today. Our website helps people find everything they need in order to create the best environment for themselves in their favorite spaces this summer. Whether individuals are buying for the office or the home, they stand to save some serious money over whole-building AC energy, maintenance and utilities costs. We recommend all five of these products, so that individuals can make their decisions based on factors like capacity and features, not simply on quality, which is assured.”

About Air Conditioner Lab: Air Conditioner Lab is an online resource center that enables individuals to find out insightful information and actionable consumer advice on air conditioners of all types, including residential, commercial and portable AC units. The website is regularly updated by a committed team of writers and researchers who publish reviews of the latest releases.

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