AI Can Now Create Job Descriptions Based on Title Alone.

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AI startup Is changing the way job descriptions are written

The AI startup Job Description AI is changing the way businesses create job descriptions.

A solutions architect, Oras Al-Kubaisi conducted more than 25 interviews in less than two months to hire a team of five people. What he noticed during that process was how hard it was to conduct the interviews and complete the entire hiring process. He knew there had to be a better way to find and hire the right people for the job.

Al-Kubaisi discovered that bad hires cost $240,000 in hiring, compensation and retention in the United States. In the UK, a poor hire for a mid-manager level with a salary of £42,000 can cost a business more than £132,000 due to the accumulation of costs relating to training, lost productivity and more.

"Identifying skills for a job is not always the most intuitive task. Companies have different job titles for the same skill set. For instance, a product manager in one company will have a different job title than a product manager in another one," Al-Kubaisi said. "Writing the requirements to attract the right candidate is even harder. That's why many companies and recruitment agencies will copy and paste job descriptions and amend few details."

Job descriptions are among the essential sources of information for hiring managers in finding the right candidate. Their purpose is to capture the job requirements and give an idea about the direction of the job. In his research of analyzing job descriptions from a major online aggregator in the United States, Al-Kubaisi also discovered that more than 9,000 job postings per month were shorter than 55 words. That's the size of an average tweet.

Al-Kubaisi started working on building a system to help companies avoid bad hires and automate tedious and time-consuming parts of the hiring process., the job description generator, will help companies generate engaging, inclusive and SEO-optimized job descriptions in a few clicks and without any previous writing experience.

The job description generator is simple to use. The user enters a job title and selects some skills from the AI-generated suggestions. Relevant requirements are selected, and the AI generates the role summary and job description. The job description generator helps companies avoid using the same descriptions for jobs repeatedly while avoiding unconscious gender-coded language. The job descriptions are also generated with SEO in mind for greater performance in search engines to widen the candidate base.

Job descriptions can be exported to PDF or Microsoft Word files with a company logo, name and website for the hiring company. has secure SSL encryption and is GDPR- compliant. It does not process any Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

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Name: Oras Al-Kubaisi
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