AGULUK Releases Leg Pack System For All Things Outdoors

AGULUK Partners With Funded Today For Kickstarter Release

AGULUK is planning to release the first leg pack gear worldwide. AGULUK has been tested, tried and passed by avid outdoorsmen to become the most accessible and ergonomic backpack on the market.

Performance and Specs

AGULUK was brought to life to solve the three major problems of a traditional backpack: lower back pain, accessibility and ergonomic movement. It was designed for anyone who embraces an active or outdoors lifestyle. It eliminates the need to take off a backpack to reach for items, take off a sweatshirt because of temperature change and eases accessibility. Because AGULUK lowers the center of gravity by placing the weight on the strongest muscles in the body—the legs—it allows the user more flexibility in any activity.

AGULUK doesn’t compromise storage space, either. With their two styles, H-pack (designed for hunting) and R-pack (designed for recreational activities like hiking), AGULUK allows users to store necessities with plenty of room to spare.

Pricing and Availability

AGULUK has partnered with Funded Today to lead off their Kickstarter campaign. In order to reach their revenue goal and fund production, AGULUK and their team need to raise $25,000. Their campaign just began and has an end date of March 8, 2017. If the goal is met, AGULUK plans to produce and ship the packs by April of this year. The starting price for a pack is $99.

To learn more about AGULUK or to pre-order your packing system, you can visit their Kickstarter page here:

Contact Info:
Name: Pascal Friedmann
Email: Send Email
Organization: Funded Today
Phone: 801-695-5804

Release ID: 165980