AgentIQ’s technology takes the stress out of selling your house

New technology is changing the face of the real estate industry in New Zealand. A new online service is helping connect sellers with the top agents in their area and compare agent track records.

Technological advancements within the real estate industry have helped to streamline many of the sector’s processes. With the advent of a number of online listing sites, many are beginning to believe that a real estate agent’s role is coming to an end. However, rather than making agents’ roles superfluous, technology is actually aiding in refining their responsibilities and ensuring more consistent delivery of quality services. This is particularly evident in how the technology offered by AgentIQ assists sellers in weeding out agents who are not fit for the job at hand.

Through the purposeful adoption of technology, agents are able to not only post listings online, but better target their marketing campaigns towards desired buyers. Sites like AgentIQ also assist sellers in accurately defining who their ideal buyer would be (e.g., investor versus first-time buyer). Providing agents with such information can, in turn, help them to better reach desired buyers through honed marketing approaches – email campaigns, social media sites, word-of-mouth, virtual tours, print media, etc. – that can result in a quick sale.

AgentIQ’s technology helps sellers run comparisons to determine the best selling price for a property, establishing what marketing approaches work best for a given area, and confirming the ideal sales approach (e.g., auction versus negation).
When considering all the work that goes into marketing a home, not to mention what it entails to negotiate effectively to bring a sale to the finish line and ensure that all legal aspects are adhered to, it is clear that real estate agents still play a vital role in the industry. What makes their jobs easier, though, is embracing available technological avenues and working with buyers and sellers who utilise sites like AgentIQ to make the buying and selling of a property as stress-free as possible.

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