Agein Corporation Comments on National Migraine Awareness Month, Offers Management Tips

Agein Corporation, a leading anti-aging company, addresses June being National Migraine Awareness Month and offers tips for managing migraines., the Internet’s premier anti-aging web site focusing on anti-aging tips, news, and advice from some of the foremost experts in the industry, is commenting on June is being declared National Migraine Awareness Month and is announcing its top preventative tips.

The month of June is designated as Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. Listed among the top 10 causes of disability worldwide, the debilitating effects of migraines affect roughly 36 million Americans, or 12% of the population. (Source: “About Migraine,” American Migraine Foundation web site;, last accessed June 17, 2014.)

“While migraines affect people of all ages, some people are more at risk for migraines. Research also shows that migraines are three times more common in women than in men,” says Dr. Kevin J. McLaughlin,’s anti-aging and health and wellness specialist. “Overall, migraines are most common among people between their 30s and 60s.”

Dr. McLaughlin explains that the exact cause of migraines is not completely understood, but it is generally believed that genetics, environmental factors, and brain chemistry play important roles. The majority of people who do suffer have a family history of migraines and scientists recently located genetic regions linked to migraine onset and migraine susceptibility. On top of that, environmental factors such as high humidity, odors, bright lights, high altitude, dusty and dry conditions, and even visual patterns such as checks and zigzag lines are potential migraine triggers.

“Unfortunately, there is no cure for migraines,” Dr. McLaughlin adds. “Current treatments aimed at reducing headache frequency and stopping individual headaches, which include medications, preventative treatments, and lifestyle choices, can really help.”

Certain vitamins and herbs have been shown to ward off migraines. A supplementation of magnesium, riboflavin, CoQ10, and alpha lipoic acid has been used to help alleviate the pain associated with migraines. In addition to correcting vitamin deficiencies, it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and not skip meals. It’s also imperative to avoid foods that contain chemicals such as MSG and artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. (Source: “Foods and Supplements in the Management of Migraine Headaches,” The Clinical Journal of Pain, Volume 25, Number 5, June 2009;

“It’s also important to exercise regularly. Experts do not really understand why exercise reduced migraines, but it does help keep your weight in check and obesity is linked to migraines,” Dr. McLaughlin observes. “Strain in the shoulders and neck from prolonged sitting can be a trigger; visit a massage therapist, chiropractor, or physiotherapist, or take up yoga, which emphasizes good posture and relaxation techniques.”

Phenylethylamine (found in cacao), tyramine (found in aged cheese, cured meats, beer, fermented food, and yeast extract), sodium nitrates (preservative used for food coloring and to add a cured or smoked ?avor), caffeine, and red and white wine have all been shown to trigger migraines.

“There may not be a cure for migraines, but there is a wide range of acute and preventative treatments available, with special attention being paid to skipped meals, consumption of caffeine and food triggers,” Dr.McLaughlin concludes. “Healthy life choices, including the avoidance of certain foods, the use of supplements, exercise, and proper sleep, can help alleviate and ward off migraines.”

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