After Five Years of Research and Development, Campaign Creators Opens Its Doors

Offering lead-nurturing, fully automated sales funnels that incorporate the latest findings and technology, agency is achieving 20% conversion rates for active clients, Campaign Creators reports

After five years of intensive research, testing, and refinement, Campaign Creators has launched. Instead of offering the commoditized marketing services typical of other agencies, Campaign Creators supplies fully automated, lead-nurturing Sales Funnels that encourage conversion in every possible way. With an average 20% conversion rate among active campaigns and over half a million leads cultivated over the course of the research process, Campaign Creators clients will enjoy unprecedented results thanks to the agency's proprietary "FunnelSauce" formula. The Campaign Creators principals have already built hundreds of highly successful marketing Campaigns as part of the well-known Business on Market St. family of companies, and the newly launched service is now available to all.

"Lead Generation is an important duty for just about every business today, but it should never be regarded as an end in itself," said Campaign Creators co-founder and Chief Marketing Technologist Nicole Pereira, "Conversion is what really matters in the end, and we've spent five years learning and developing a formula that consistently produces outstanding results. The fully automated conversion paths we set up with the help of our FunnelSauce approach nurtures leads every step of the way. That means increased conversion rates, lower cost of customer acquisition, shorter sales cycles, and an improved brand experience. We're proud to introduce the results of our efforts to the world in the form of Campaign Creators and eager to get to work on behalf of our clients."

There are any number of metaphors used to describe the process by which a potential customer becomes an actual one, but the image of a "sales funnel" is likely the most common. With a wide opening at the top accommodating even those who have yet to hear of a company and a narrow exit at the bottom emitting buyers, a funnel-shaped profile seems to many to reflect the most common experiences of marketers, sales specialists, and business leaders.

What happens along the way, though, is often much less clear-cut. As innovative, highly engaged marketers working under the Business on Market St. umbrella, the team behind Campaign Creators resolved over five years ago to develop a formula that would ensure successful nurturing of leads down any given sales funnel. By studying real-world outcomes in depth; applying the latest and most effective marketing automation technology; and continually refining the formula over the years, the team finally arrived at the FunnelSauce-powered system that is now available through Campaign Creators.

Focusing solely on delivering conversion funnels that embody those findings, Campaign Creators is perfectly positioned to produce dramatic lead generation and cultivation results. With currently active Campaign Creators funnels boasting average conversion rates of 20%, clients in markets of all kinds can expect to enjoy truly impressive results. Those interested can learn more and sign up for a free assessment at the Campaign Creators website.

About Campaign Creators:
With years of research and refinement producing the exclusive FunnelSauce formula, Campaign Creators delivers fully automated sales funnels that nurture leads in natural, effective ways and produce outstanding conversion rates.

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