Affordable Digital Ad Solution For All Mobile Devices By Dealey Media International

New technology returns higher R.O.I. to businesses for their digital ads targeting relevant buyers; not just prospects! The best part if its affordability!

Affordable Digital Ad Solution for all mobile devices launched by Dealey Media International. Milwaukee-based Tom Metsa signs a Master Mobile Specialist Agreement to represent.

Dealey Media International has launched a new affordable Hyper Local Mobile Advertising messaging service targeting mobile devices and specifically designed for small business owners. It is the first of its kind at this level and sophistication. Dealey Video

“This is a really exciting time for a technology of this level to be available to small and mid-sized businesses” says Metsa. “This is by far the most unique, successful and affordable way I have ever seen for a business to be able to attract new customers at will. To be able to touch every person’s cell phone or mobile device within a Hyper-targeted area, It is absolutely crazy that this solution is available at this price point.”

In the process of its North American launch, Dealey Media International has signed Tom Metsa of Milwaukee based Modern Marketing as a Master Mobile Specialist to assist small business owners understand this new technology and how to best utilize it to help the small business owner grow and expand their customer base affordably! This is one of the first of its kind outside of Google and Amazon.

Modern Marketing is a business development firm out of Milwaukee, WI and works with small, mid-sized and non-US based businesses to build and expand their sales within North America.

Dealey Media International is an International Digital Marketing agency run by Niki Dealey with offices in Dallas, Texas.

Company Name: Dealey Media International
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State: Wisconsin
Country: USA
Phone: 1.844.364.4335 Ext #706
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