Affkit: An Ideal Suite Of Conversion-boosting Tools For Internet Marketers

Have you ever struggle with campaigns that get traffic and simply don’t convert? Two CPA Marketing Legends Souza and Oliver Kenyon finally shared their secret weapon tool called Affkit makes all websites convert higher instantly in less than 40 seconds.

Affkit is a cutting edge tool that adds user’s opt-in form, buy now button, affiliate link, a special call to action, viral and value-added content to any website in the world to leverage conversion instantly.

Affkit Software is packed with some unique tools having variety purposes:

• Exit Intent Popup – collect leads that would have been lost easily
• Geo Redirection – redirect traffic based on place. If the landing page is specific to users, it will convert higher.
• Geo Location – Increase conversion rates by calling visitors based on their location.
• Urgency Timer – completely-customizable countdown timer to boost conversion.
• Dynamic Elements – add eye-catching dynamic effects to any part of the landing page to raise trust and conversion.
• Date and Time –demonstrate current date and time to expand relevancy and conversion.
• Sporadic Timer – count up or down

• Mobile Detection – this function detect mobile devices and tablets on auto-pilot, and user’s pages will look perfect on all mobile devices with no extra work or coding expense.
• Back Button Redirect – this elite tool redirects user whenever users want when they click “back” to make more money.
• Mobile Vibration – This is a nice extra way to get the visitor’s attention that’s proven to lead to higher conversion by vibrating visitors’ phone and other devices.

• Landing page integration – integrate MailChimp or Aweber forms with any landing page template in a simple way.
• Custom style integration – integrate MailChimp and Aweber with any kind.

• Resizer and Cropper – Full browser based image resize and cropping tool.
• Image Overlay – Overlay images on any models or banners and helps improve user’s click-thru-rates.
• Banner Tweaker – Improve the click thru rate of creative within seconds.
• Image Finder – Users can search through multiple free image directories at once to get beautiful pictures.
• Glossy image – Apply a shining effect to a button or image to raise conversion.

• Break even Calculator – Calculate campaign metrics and statistics
• When to cut landers – Calculate when to cut and remove a landing page to guarantee that users are not wasting money but are maximizing their ROI.

Paul Okeeffe – an experienced Internet Marketer said about the product: “Having the right product is not enough. You need to be able to get people to leave their comfort zone and buy the product. That’s why the tools Affkit provides are so vital for online marketers, because they generate scarcity, urgency, grab attention and force people to pull the trigger and buy the product you’re promoting. If your pages haven’t been converting, you need Affkit.”

Affkit Soft will work with any website such as WordPress, HTML, Shopify Stores… This all-in-one tool is so easy to use and is proven, or you get your investment back with no questions asked. Users can get all of the conversion maximizing, list building, the sale-making power of Affkit in one place, for ONE small investment without investing in another conversion-boosting tool. Users now do not have to spend countless hours on trying to boost conversion rate because Affkit review in detail allows them to:

Make more sales: Affkit will increase conversion rates without designing new landing pages and hard work.

Leverage 100% web-based technology: Users do not have to worry about upgrades or not having access to Affkit because they do not need to download a thing or a powerful computer.

Have easy to follow with A-Z Tutorials: Affkit was built to have speed and ease in installation and conduction. Users are provided many full videos and text tutorials to know how to take advantage of Affkit in boosting conversion rates in a master of time.

Be secure and unstoppable: Everything inside Affkit is 100% safe, and cannot be blocked or stopped by your visitors.
Have a dedicated support team: Users can freely ask any question and quickly get a personal, detailed response.

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Organization: Uzumaki & Assistants Corp.
Address: 1176 Lowndes Hill Park Road
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