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Tim Schmidt has opened the premier training course on affiliate marketing, which teaches students how to sell other people's products and services online.

There officially remain zero excuses for those who wish to earn a living online selling other people’s goods or services now that the Affiliate Marketing University has opened it’s doors. Fifteen year online marketing savant Tim Schmidt has opened his first semester of classes to anyone looking to become educated on the finer points of affiliate marketing.

This type of marketing has become popular in recent years as many people desire to have the freedom to work from an Internet connection yet lack the knowledge and funding to start their own brand, let alone launch an e-commerce website. Affiliate marketing allows people with a website, email list, or YouTube channel to promote the goods or services that vendor’s fulfill in exchange for commissions.

“For fifteen years, I’ve promoted goods and services in a wide range of niches. The prospect of allowing myself to be extremely truthful in writing reviews about products, as well as having the ability to do this on my own time, really made for an attractive career path,” said Schmidt.

An outside-the-box thinker, Schmidt started one of the first electronic cigarette demonstration and review channels on YouTube. As the budding industry evolved, he unboxed and demonstrated how various brands compared and contrasted, all while engaging the audience with entertaining comments. While reviewing a peppermint flavored nicotine cartridge he uttered the words “This tastes like Christmas,” causing a flurry of comments and reactions from his followers.

“To help consumers understand differences between brands and influence their buying decisions is a major value to anyone who is online conducting research. Being able to be myself and choose how I convey my advice makes it that much more fun,” added Schmidt.

The course features over 60 web-based videos where “Professor Tim” demonstrates everything from how to choose a niche, which tools you need to succeed, and how to hack into a buyer’s psyche and really increase the ability to convert clicks to customers.

For the ultra motivated crowd, there is a “Master’s Program” which essentially fast tracks the course, provides one on one consulting, and shows how to take the step from being an affiliate to starting your own brand.

“When I realized how well I attracted traffic, almost like a magnet, I decided to take a step beyond being an affiliate and go the entrepreneurial route,” added Schmidt, who has a stake in a vapor cigarette brand as well as a wildly disruptive anti aging company that manufactures over 40 products. “Showing super affiliates how to go from being a source of traffic to building a brand is something I take great pride in.”

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