AeroViews Brings Videography Drone Services To SoCal Businesses & Residents

AeroViews launches new website and rolls out aerial photography and videography services using hi-tech drones

AeroViews, a Southern California based company launches a new website and is now offering aerial photography and aerial videography to both businesses and residents in Southern California.

David deLeon, Owner of AeroViews comments, "We saw a need in the marketplace and we are offering services to fill that need. We are passionate about technology and creating cutting edge media for the web. Our drones allow us to do that."

AeroViews is a registered drone services provider that shoots, edits and produces a complete range of aerial videography services for residential owners and businesses in Southern California. AeroViews offers a wide array of services including aerial photography, aerial videography, video editing, color correction, aerial photography & videography for realtors, weddings, corporate events, live events, movies, television, off road riding, football, soccer, surfing and more and is also family owned and operated.

"Whether capturing view studies for a new development, showcasing a vast estate for a MLS listing, inspecting a building, or taking high resolution photos for an architectural rendering, we fit our clients with the right equipment and professional operators to achieve stunning aerial video and photography that fits their budget. Our drones allow us to capture beautiful aerial videos that cannot be done with any other type of aerial platform including helicopters. We can capture 4K video from ground level to 400 ft and everywhere in-between. With full time live camera view and on screen GPS display we are able to frame up the perfect shot at the precise height and location the client requests." says, deLeon.

New federal rules opened the skies last month to many interested in flying drones for business purposes, but they also provided a boon to those carving out niches in the industry. With a barrier to entry now lower, those looking to get a piece of the drone pie are plentiful, but some may need to set themselves apart as professionals as competition heats up.

David deLeon, Owner of AeroViews comments, " We understand that as barriers are lowered and the number of drone pilots increase, competition will become more saturated. Where AeroViews really sets itself apart is in the post production. Our video editing service professionals are ready to capture, create and transform our clients video clips into awesome and great looking videos for personal and professional use into a final product that they will be proud to show off to the world."

AeroViews offices are located at 40414 California Oaks Rd Ste 101 Murrieta, CA 92562 . AeroViews offers services to customers in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County and San Diego County. Customers can conveniently contact the friendly and well trained service team by filling out the contact us, emailing or by calling (951) 225-1176.

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Name: David deLeon
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Phone: (951) 225-1176

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