AEROS Outperforms In Interior Furniture Designing Services In 2019

Aeros Construction and Interior Joint Stock Company have tapped all the genres of interior furniture designing services offering its clients door-to-door services.

Aeros – has become the name in the field of designing and constructing houses, supermarkets, business chambers, offices, hotels, chains of showrooms etc. Aeros is the chief furniture company in Ho Chi Minh City and its neighboring areas.

When asked the spokesperson of Aeros, he candidly said, “The workshop started with a dozen of workers only. But today it has strong and professional management. There are a designing team and staff to fulfill the dreams of every home-maker, businessman, showroom owner and more. Today the team is well-equipped with more than 200 people with 3 branch offices and 3 production workshops, 1 interior showroom to its credit. We are proud of this venture.”

What makes Aeros Furniture different from other interior furniture designing services is the specialization it creates. There is an entire team of engineers, architects who have first-hand knowledge about the creative design. The experts have worked on national key projects. The designs are unique and showcase a distinctive style mark.

The company wishes to expand in 2019 and is looking forward to partners and suppliers who can be a part of their endeavor. The company embraces interior designs to showroom, apartments, spa, offices, townhouse, cafeterias, pharmacy, etc. effortlessly.

When interrogated one of the officials at the workshop of Aeros, he said, “We treat customers as our God. We offer unique and sustainable products for clients with no compromise on quality services or the pricing. As workers, we work as a team. We create a comprehensive trust that pushes us to support each other’s growth. We are lucky to work in an environment that brings out the best in us. This platform promotes the talents of each employee. You will see the same set of employees year after year because we are one happy family!

Aeros Furniture also works at the betterment of the environment. It propagates in preserving and maintaining a cleaner and greener living environment. It also extends its hand in contributing to charitable work. The venture continues to help lonely elderly people, downtrodden children, and contributors to make their life better. Some of the earnings from the interior furniture designing services are directly contributed to them. Here’s wishing Aeros all the luck in their future decisions.

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