Aerial Yoga Isn’t Just for Cirque De Soleil Anymore

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Shane Griffin explains the tremendous perks of aerial yoga for the body and mind.

Aerial yoga, or antigravity yoga, is the hottest exercise to hit the industry since step aerobics. For those that missed the 2014 Grammys, Pink performed her hit single while descending from the ceiling on a silk ribbon. Just ask any celeb with a rockin’ bod how they maintain it so easily. The answer is aerial yoga. The fun new take on yoga has crazy benefits for the body and mind!

“Classes are accommodating of students’ needs. Some students use the classes to keep a fit physique, and some students use the class as a meditation. Our instructors are creative and like to allow students to be free to experiment”, explains Shane Griffin when asked about his aerial yoga instructors.

Classes range from “Aerial Stretch and Conditioning” to “Aerial Boot Camp” so there is no excuse to be intimidated. Each yogi has their own adjustable, mini hammock for the duration of the class. The instructor starts simple with stretches and basic yoga poses that slowly move in to inversions. Basically, imagine doing basic yoga poses upside-down, dangling just a few inches from the ground.

“Our instructors ease students into basic inversions with a combination of stretches and poses until students feel comfortable enough to experiment on their own. Many students surprise themselves, realizing how easy aerial yoga actually is”, explains Griffin, owner of Whole Life Balance of Santa Monica.

Aerial yoga offers crazy cool benefits for the body. Inversions stretch the body and decompress the spine, meaning aerial yogis stand taller after their work out. Inversion poses also cleanse the body of toxins and revive the circulatory, digestive, and respiratory systems. On top of that, the sense of flying is a major stress reliever, besides being just plain fun.

Whole Life Balance is located in Downtown Santa Monica, California. The one-stop shop for wellness offers a variety of different aerial yoga classes every week; everything for beginners to advanced aerial yogis. Whole Life Balance prides itself on its talented instructors that hail from various fitness backgrounds and incorporate a creative twist on their style of aerial yoga. Whole Life Balance is the primary provider of extensive aerial yoga classes in Santa Monica.


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