Advanced Lipo Centre UK Become First To Combine Vaser and Tickle Lipo For Superior Definition

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Advanced Lipo Centre UK has brought advanced US techniques to the UK for the first time, enabling liposuction to be used for the perfection of a look, not just the removal of excess fat.

Cosmetic surgery has become more and more prevalent over the last decade as advances in technologies and techniques have made it more accessible and affordable than ever, while simultaneously pushing back the boundaries of what it is capable of achieving. The latest techniques are helping people to create not just the silhouette they have always wanted, but can even help improve definition and reveal muscle tone. Advanced Lipo Centre UK ( is the first in Britain to combine Vaser and Tickle Lipo in a way that reveals definition as never before.

When individuals sculpt their bodies using exercise and gym sessions, their musculature can develop hugely in a relatively short space of time. However, the fat deposits around the body take much longer to be melted away and require rigorous nutritional discipline, making it difficult to fully reveal the definition underneath.

Using Tickle and Vaser lipo together, Advanced Lipo Centre UK can get at the fat between the lines of muscle to tighten the skin around it and create those three dimensional shapes people have been working towards, as well as creating a more accurate ideal silhouette for those looking more for a figure than specific forms.

A spokesperson for Advanced Lipo Centre UK explained, “The combination of techniques we are using are unique to the UK and our chief surgeon, Dr. Bassi, has travelled the world to improve his technique and bring cutting edge practices back here. The result is that we now lead the field in advanced liposuction solutions, which can be used as much by those looking to perfect the presentation of their bodies as those who need to reduce their fat deposits for health reasons alone.”

About Advanced Lipo Centre UK: Advanced Lipo Centre UK are a specialist Vaser liposuction provider. They concentrate entirely on Vaser treatments. They offer Vaser Hi-Def, 4D & Mid-Def treatments in both of their clinics, on Harley Street London and Selston Nottinghamshire. Their in-house surgeon, Dr S Bassi, is the first UK practitioner to combine the Vaser & Tickle lipo techniques, achieving superior shape and definition for clients.

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