Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia Releases New Article “Foot Injuries You Shouldn’t Treat Yourself”

The Marietta-based foot and ankle clinic has released an informative article to assist in educating readers. The article describes the circumstances when a foot injury should not be self-treated.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia and Dr. Fui Dawson are pleased to announce the release of a recent blog post. The topic of the article is “Foot Injuries You Shouldn’t Treat Yourself: When to Call the Foot Doctor”. Foot injuries can be among the most common experienced by athletes, elderly, and others. There are many dozens of small bones in the feet and ankle which can easily suffer injuries. There is also the risk of damage to soft tissue and nerve tissue.

For most people, a trip to the doctor is to be avoided if at all possible. The person who has pain, an obvious injury, or even a discolored nail should not treat the condition lightly. Damages to the foot can have long-lasting and serious effects which could have been avoided with prompt and effective medical treatment. The article lists and describes six conditions which should be discussed with a medical professional.

Severe pain or swelling is the first of the conditions. It can be the result of a sprain or something more serious, such as arthritis or a broken bone. An open wound can lead to an infection which can severely damage the foot. A fever which exceeds 100 degrees F or heat around a wound is a sure sign of infection.

When pain or discomfort affects the daily life, it is reason enough to visit the foot doctor. Pain, when the feet are elevated, can be a symptom of a blood flow issue or peripheral artery disease. Any diagnosis of diabetes is another reason for getting a regular assessment. Diabetes is a major cause of amputation, but the risk can be reduced through regular attention.

Advanced Foot & Ankle Institute of Georgia provides comprehensive, personalized, high-quality, cost-effective care to patients with disorders of the foot and ankle as well as injuries of the lower extremity. Their approach to medicine is patient-centric and evidence-based.

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