Advanced Dermatology Launches Vampire Facelift And Facial Treatments To Turn Back Time

Advanced Dermatology are offering the cutting edge, celebrity-endorsed vampire facelift to all clients who want to turn back time and rejuvenate their skin using an innovative new approach.

Elizabeth Bathory became infamous for bathing in blood, believing it would keep her skin young against the advances of time. Though a gory tale, science has now found some truth to the relationship between blood and skin youthfulness. In the 21st century, blood-centric facial masks have been found to make people look younger than ever. Advanced Dermatology is an Australian cosmetic dermatology clinic, and now offer the so-called Vampire Facelift loved by celebrities and members of the public who are committed to a youthful appearance.

Using cutting edge scientific processes, Advanced Dermatology can now separate blood plasma and platelets, and activate the growth factors within the plasma using calcium chloride. Applied to the face, this plasma solution can rejuvenate skin cells and give them the appearance of much younger cells.

Used by Hollywood’s red carpet elite, Advanced Dermatology take a blood sample and use a high speed centrifuge to separate the plasma for use, so the patient’s own blood is used to guarantee a perfect match. The treatment can reduce sagging, give skin a warm and healthy glow, drastically reduce wrinkles and eliminate under eye circles.

A spokesperson for Advanced Dermatology explained, “The Vampire Facelift and Vampire Facial have gimmicky names, but the truth is they are using the very latest scientific approaches to push forward the appearance of youthfulness. While creams use artificial chemicals to simulate the look of healthy skin, blood plasma actually creates genuinely healthy, younger looking skin by using the body’s own growth factor to turn back the clock and create younger, healthier skin. We offer a thorough consultation to all those interested in undertaking the procedure and ensure the most exacting medical standards are upheld, so individuals are guaranteed a seamless experience.”

About Advanced Dermatology: Advanced Dermatology are specialists in cosmetic dermatology and non-surgical aesthetic medicine, and understand the importance of appearance and well being. They aim for nothing less than outstanding, life-changing cosmetic enhancements. With a highly specialised and experienced team, they have the depth of knowledge, resources and support needed together with the individualised attention and flexibility that every patient deserves, making them the #1 cosmetic dermatology and skin aesthetics practice in Australia.

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